You lost An Incredible Woman And This Time, My Goodbye Is Final.

You lost An Incredible Woman And This Time, My Goodbye Is Final.
You lost An Incredible Woman And This Time, My Goodbye Is Final.
You had a person ready to give you the world. A woman who would do anything to have a happy life with you. A woman who would have moved mountains if it meant making the world an easier place to live for you.

You had an incredible woman, and you lost her.
You lost An Incredible Woman And This Time, My Goodbye Is Final.
You lost An Incredible Woman And This Time, My Goodbye Is Final.
You pushed her away every time she was upset and you didn’t care enough about her feelings to make sure she was okay before you left. You made her lose faith in you every time you bailed on plans you had with her to hang out with your friends.
She was one of a kind, and you threw her away. She was a gem, a diamond in the sand, but you didn’t even notice. If you had, you’d taken the time to show her what she meant to you. You’d have called her, you’d have bought her flowers one in a while. You would have made her feel valued, wanted, and appreciated.
You would have treasured her like she deserved.
She was strong for you. She was kind, she was loyal, and she was patient. She waited, and she waited, and she waited, but you never became the person she thought that you could be.
She wanted the best for you. She wanted your wildest dreams to come true. She wanted to see you happy, and fulfilled, and content. She wanted to share all of those things with you.
She was by your side when you needed her the most. She stayed with you through thick and thin, through some of your lowest, darkest moments. She was there for you. She was always there for you. She would have been there for you forever if you’d been there for her in return.
Your incredible woman loved you with all her heart, and in return all that you could offer was a half-as*ed form of love. It was always a day late, always a dollar short.
This woman was right there for the taking. You could have had her in your life forever, if you’d wanted her. But you didn’t realize what you had. You didn’t want her badly enough. You couldn’t bring yourself to try hard enough to keep her.
You didn’t value her. You didn’t see the light that she brought into your life. You didn’t nurture her like she did you. You didn’t lift her up. You didn’t help her to grow. You didn’t want her to be her own person, independent and free. You didn’t want to see her shine. You didn’t want to see her blossom.
You were everything to her. She gave you her heart. She opened up to you, she exposed her soul and let you in.
And what did you give her in return?
You took her for granted. You assumed she’d always be there to provide you with an infinite supply of love, affection, and caring, without ever needing anything back. You neglected her. You never made her a priority in your life.
She fought tooth and nail to save the relationship you had. She tried her best to make things work, because she knew that relationships require persistence, forgiveness, effort, and a whole lot of love. She wouldn’t give up without a fight.
But she was no fool.
She wouldn’t just hang in there forever while you neglected her. She knew that it takes two people putting in equal effort to make a relationship work. She was patient, but she wasn’t going to be a doormat that you walked all over. She wasn’t about to let herself get played.
If you’d have been willing to try, if you’d have been able to weather the storm with her, to treat any obstacles you came across as a team, then you could have made it work. She thought that you were willing to fight for her, too.
But you weren’t.
You were only interested in using her. You wanted to take all you could from her and give nothing back. You kept her around because she made you feel good about yourself. She was someone you could blame for all your shortcomings. Someone that you could use to vent your anger, your jealousy, and bad moods upon.
She suffered because of you.
She spent countless nights crying herself to sleep. She blamed herself for the shortcomings in your relationship. She was miserable, torturing herself because of you.
She realized that none of this was healthy. She knew it had to stop. She knew that if you were capable of making her feel this way, then you weren’t the one for her.
She might have left, but you were the one who lost her. She didn’t lose you. She regained herself. It was the most horrible, painful thing she’d ever had to do, but she’d do it all again in a heartbeat. She knew that no one is worth suffering like that for. She knew she deserved better.
She knew she would one day meet someone who would value her like she deserved. She knew that person wasn’t you.


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