Woman Feels “Punished” For Having Cancer After Bride Makes Her Pay Extra For Makeup & Wig

Woman Feels
Woman Feels "Punished" For Having Cancer After Bride Makes Her Pay Extra For Makeup & Wig

Having to deal with cancer and chemotherapy puts enough of hardships and tough moments on a plate. This woman had it worse when her bride-to-be friend put the woman’s looks over her feelings.

The woman, stricken with cancer, put up a post that later appeared on Reddit and said, “My best friend is getting married in two weeks. She asked me to be a bridesmaid last October, way before my cancer diagnosis. Since being diagnosed I have lost my hair, including eyebrows and eyelashes.”

Even as the drastic effects of chemotherapy treatment left her frail and weak, she also dealt with her best friend slipping in the idea of a wig as they had conversations about the wedding, rather than being supportive of her battle against cancer. “She keeps making comments about getting a wig for her wedding. On a daily basis, I just rock my bald head, and it is not financially feasible or practical for me to purchase a ‘good’ wig just for her wedding.”

Woman Feels "Punished" For Having Cancer After Bride Makes Her Pay Extra For Makeup & Wig
Woman Feels “Punished” For Having Cancer After Bride Makes Her Pay Extra For Makeup & Wig

If expecting her to wear a wig wasn’t bad enough, the bride now expected her to shell out more money for makeup. She went on to say, “I don’t know how to bring this up to her. I understand she doesn’t want me bald, but it’s who I am right now. She also dropped the bomb that the girl she hired for makeup is going to cost me extra because ‘she will have to put in extra work on you’.”

The woman, distraught about her friend not being able to see how her demands were making her feel, wondered whether she was in the wrong. She ended the post by saying, “Am I wrong in feeling like this is completely unfair? At the end of the day, I’m going to suck it up and buy a wig (probably won’t be up to her standards) and pay the extra for the makeup, but I feel like I’m being punished because I have cancer.”

One user, RealFarfalleAlfredo shared what she would have done if she were ever in the situation and said, “I would totally drop out and let her scramble for a replacement at the last minute, then show up as a guest rocking the bald head.”

Another comment by Takilove said, “I thought you chose your bridal party based on friendship, not how a person looks. This bride is not a friend. I would back out because nobody needs this toxicity in their life.”

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Some people could imagine how difficult it must be to deal with cancer and extra expenses, especially for things like a wig when she is comfortable with her bald head, can be a burden. walkingthrones19 wrote, “Because ya know dealing with cancer isn’t enough, you’ve got to fork out even more money because she’s shallow enough to need you to wear a wig. I’m sorry. I don’t know your relationship with this girl but she sounds like a horrible friend. If she isn’t willing to look past the wig, then how badly do you want to be in this wedding? It’s not even about the wig but her attitude.”

At a difficult time like cancer, Auzzr reminded people what a true friend would do and said, “I seriously would reconsider this friendship. A friend is someone who takes you as you are. A friend is there in a time of need, battling your cancer. A friend would f***ing grateful her best friend is able to be at her wedding, celebrating with her.”

One Redditor’s heart went out to the woman and said, ” I’ll pay it. Direct message me your address.”



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