Wife Builds A Pub For Husband In Their Backyard To Keep Him From Disappearing To The Local Bar Every Day

Wife Builds A Pub For Husband In Their Backyard To Keep Him From Disappearing To The Local Bar Every Day
Wife Builds A Pub For Husband In Their Backyard To Keep Him From Disappearing To The Local Bar Every Day

No longer does this woman have to deal with her husband always disappearing from the house and heading away to a pub when he can just walk into their backyard to his very own bar and enjoy a drink the way he likes.

With her husband barely around, 48-year-old Jayne Tapper came up with the ingenious idea of building him a pub of his own, a few feet away from where she usually is. Ever since then, “The Doghouse Inn” has become a regular spot for the Tapper family to enjoy with their friends and loved ones.

“My husband Paul, an engineer, had always loved popping down to our local, and I could never seem to keep him at home,” said Jayne, who’s a nurse from Newton Abbot, Devon, according to The Daily Star. “And so I got thinking – why not create my own pub, become my own landlady and then I can really tell people – my husband’s in the doghouse!”

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She went on to say, “He won’t want to go to the local anymore – we have three basset hounds and a mate was able to create us a sign for the front of the pub, with one of our dogs, Rufus on.”

Jayne put in a lot of hard work into bringing the pub up, starting with their garden which now hosts the cabin-style pub. “We’d had to get the garden levelled out anyway, which had been expensive, over £15,000, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to play out what I’d always wanted,” she said.

“Then I worked on making it like a proper pub – because to start with, it was just like a log house. But I wanted people to be astounded so we continued to transform it into a mini pub.”

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Explaining how she set the entire thing up, the wife explained, “For the initial build of the cabin, that cost us about £2,700,” Jayne explained. “We had to insulate it as in the beginning, it was just like a log cabin – but we had materials for insulation very kindly given to us by a friend. Then I could start filling it with things that I wanted – I trawled through social media and cheap to buy sites.”

They even had help from their family and friends who donated a sofa, TV, and fridges to keep the drinks chilled, as reported by Metro. Setting up the pub did take them a bit of money, but they believe that in the long run, it will save them the cost of going out to any other watering hole in town.

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“Paul will even bring round his mates now and we always seem to be busy,” Jayne said. Not only does her husband bring his pals over to The Doghouse, but their three children, 31-year-old Tom, 26-year-old Jack, and 24-year-old Lorren can also enjoy an inexpensive night of making merry with their friends.

With the family delighted to have their own backyard pub, Jayne also added how she loves the place not just because it’s her brainchild and that she sees a lot more of her husband, but because it’s a great place for her to give her guests a wonderful time.

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“…It’s not just become a man cave as such for Paul – I love using it too and I’d quite happily spend most nights in there,” Jayne said. “It’s great to chill in and it really does feel like I’m in my local!”

Watch the couple talk about The Doghouse Inn.



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