Watch: Nice Guy Saves a Bald Eagle That Was Stranded in the Middle of the Road


Over Memorial Day weekend, Dandon Miller was riding home from a Philadelphia motorcycle and car show when he encountered a traffic jam. Since he had the ability to maneuver around vehicles on his motorcycle, Miller drove to the front of the traffic to see what was going on.

Miller likely expected to see an accident or construction, but instead he saw a bald eagle stranded in the middle of the road.

Aside from one person who was attempting to nudge it off to the side of the road, the bystanders were simply standing around watching and not doing anything to help the eagle. Miller quickly realized that the bird was hurt, so he jumped into action to help the other good samaritan.

Miller told CBS News:

“It was pretty obvious the bird was hurt. I do love animals and everything and wouldn’t want to see any animal get hurt or anybody else to get hurt.”

© Dandon Miller

So he wrapped his flannel shirt around the bird and carried her to safety.

“I took off my flannel, wrapped it around the bird and just picked her right up.”

The bird eagle didn’t struggle, appearing to know that Miller wasn’t a threat and was there to help her.

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“She did not give me any problems at all, she was completely calm. Honest to God, it was harder to hold my cat than her.”

© Dandon Miller

Once he scooped the eagle up and put her into his shirt, Miller carried her to the side of the road where some other onlookers suggested that he call 911. After a series of calls, the Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research group arrived on the scene.

According to their website, Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research is a local organization that works to rehabilitate wild birds “with the goal of returning healthy birds to their natural environment.”

Before the organization was able to get there and take the eagle into their care, Miller hung out with the animal for about 45 minutes. The bird was even willing to take a few pictures with her savior.

© Dandon Miller

“Wow, I can’t believe I’m holding a bald eagle. She was just looking around, hanging out with me. It was just wild looking into my arms and seeing a bald eagle. Just seeing how massive it was, it was crazy,” Miller said.

Once she was safe and sound, the nonprofit organization posted several photos to Facebook along with an update on her condition:

“After receiving many inquiries by concerned citizens, we’d like to share the following: The adult female is resting comfortably after having a wing injury sutured under anesthesia by our wildlife veterinarian. Her abrasions have been cleaned, and she is self-feeding. Her recovery is being closely monitored by our professional staff and volunteers.”

Rebecca Stansell with Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research told The Dodo:

She had a mild injury to one eye and soft tissue injuries, but no broken bones. Her wounds were treated by our wildlife veterinarian while the eagle was under anesthesia. The unexpected can always happen, but we are optimistic that she will make a full recovery.”

The group said that this is the 45th Bald Eagle that has been admitted to their clinic so far this year, and that 2,800 native wild birds come through their doors annually.

By John Vibes | Creative Commons |


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