This Is How You Lost Her When All She Wanted Was To Be Yours.

This Is How You Lost Her When All She Wanted Was To Be Yours.
This Is How You Lost Her When All She Wanted Was To Be Yours.
She loves you with her entire heart. She looks up at you and says that she wants to be with you forever. You smile and tell her that you love her back, but every time you say it there’s a part of you that knows, deep down, right in the very back of your mind, that she loves you way more than you could ever love her.

She makes you her priority, but you call her when your other plans fall through.
She tells you everything, but you hold back things that you think she wouldn’t want to hear.
She’s always honest with you, but you look her in the eyes and lie through your teeth.
She treasures you, and you take her for granted.
This Is How You Lost Her When All She Wanted Was To Be Yours.
This Is How You Lost Her When All She Wanted Was To Be Yours.
You try to keep your distance, to keep her at arm’s length. She’s not even met your friends, but she’s introduced you to her family.
You take her for granted, because no matter how poorly you treat her she always seems to just stick around.
What you don’t understand is that she won’t put up with it forever. Every time you push her away, every time you don’t listen to how she feels, every time you put your own needs first, her patience wears thinner. She knows that she deserves better, but she loves you so much she’s almost willing to put up with it.
You use her for emotional support and sex, and you leave her feeling empty. You expect her to be there when you want her, but you leave her waiting for a text for hours. When she tries to talk to you about the way you treat her, you raise your voice and disregard how she feels because you think that you know better.
She breaks a little bit more inside every day. Every time you take her for granted, she gets that bit closer to leaving. She doesn’t understand why someone she loves so much, someone she wants to be happy more than anyone else in the world, could be so cold and dismissive of her own happiness, her own self-worth, her own feelings.
She cries when she’s alone. She cries for all the times you’ve broken her heart.
Eventually, she’s going to say that enough is enough. She’ll be ready to walk away. She will fall out of love with you, with the man you once were, with the person that you could have become for her. She’ll find someone else, someone who appreciates what he’s got and won’t let her lie awake at night crying because she feels so alone with someone that she should feel so close with.
You’ll lose her for good. And then you’ll realize exactly what an amazing woman you had, and you’ll understand what you’ve lost.
You’ll try to win her back, to show her that you can change, but it will be far too late. She will be sick and tired of your empty words and useless promises.
Eventually, she’ll come to forget you. Time will wash away your careless words and thoughtless actions. But she’ll never forget the way you made her feel. She’ll always be scarred by the fact that the man she would have died for saw her as disposable.
She’ll go on to be stronger because of you. She’ll live a better life than she ever could have dreamt of, and she’ll do it because she knows what she’s worth.
And you’ll be left alone, wondering how you could have messed up so badly and missed the best opportunity of your life when it was right in front of your nose the whole time.


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