This Is For The Women Who Think Too Much And Love Too Hard

This Is For The Women Who Think Too Much And Love Too Hard
This Is For The Women Who Think Too Much And Love Too Hard

You know who you are. The girls who receive a text and then can’t stop thinking about it all night, breaking it down and dissecting it in a thousand different ways in order to get to a deeper meaning that probably wasn’t even there in the first place.
The women who can’t help but worry about everyone else far more than themselves. The ones who make sure everyone else has eaten or is having a good time before they’ll even think to do the same.

This Is For The Women Who Think Too Much And Love Too Hard
This Is For The Women Who Think Too Much And Love Too Hard

You find that it often takes you forever to make up your mind or make a decision because you want it to be the right one. You want to make sure everything is perfect.
You find it hard to really experience life in the present moment. There’s always something that requires your attention, some thought or worry that needs to be attended to rather than witnessing your life unfold in real time before you.
Perhaps you dislike the fact that you overthink. Maybe you wish you could be like other people who always seem so laid back and able to go with the flow. This is especially true if your overthinking causes you more stress than it does you good.
When you fall for someone, you fall hard and fast. You’re not interested in just hooking up with someone, or being anything less than completely, totally, head over heels in love. It’s just your nature. You want someone who will always be there with you, who will be good to you, who you can trust completely and live out your dreams with.
Loving too hard and thinking too much go hand in hand. You find you analyze all the little things anyway, so overthinking every aspect of your relationship is only a natural progression.
When you meet someone who you fall for completely, you can’t give them anything less than one hundred percent. You can’t give them a little bit. You have to give them everything, to put all of your effort in to making them happy.
You love hard, without holding any of yourself back. You commit fully and completely to someone, and expect the same in return. You aren’t interested in anything less than real, life-long love.
You could never waste the time of someone you love. You don’t want to ever give them less than you think they deserve. You want to spoil them, to shower them in love and affection. They mean everything to you.
Somethings, having this attitude can blind you to some things in life. It can make you seem like a prime target to be taken advantage of. People might try to walk all over you. You might want to think so highly of someone that you can’t see when they’re being disloyal to you.
It can also make you extremely sensitive and overcautious. Perhaps you overanalyze to the point where you find issues and problems where there simply don’t need to be any. Maybe you find you’re upset and offended by things that wouldn’t even register on another person’s radar. You’re so scared of getting hurt that you try to do everything you can to prevent and avoid it at all costs, and that means picking up on every little thing that could potentially be bad or go wrong.
At the end of the day, you are who you are. You can’t and shouldn’t just force yourself to change. If you’re going to change, it has to be a natural progression stemming from being in a place where you have the confidence and security in yourself to trust the process.
You are brilliant. Thinking too much and loving too hard are just the symptoms of a person that cares to the very depths of her soul. You feel so much, and that manifests itself in the things you do. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
You should, however, try your hardest to enjoy your life and trust the ones you love. You only get one chance to live your life, and if you’re not paying attention in the present moment it’ll pass you right by. You can never control people or things, so trying to stop yourself getting hurt isn’t possible. At a certain point, you need to let go of the need to be sure and let yourself trust the people closest to you. You will get hurt. You can never completely avoid it. But at least you’ll be living your life. You’ll be feeling all the things there are to feel, the highs and the lows.
If you can let yourself enjoy things more, you’ll realize how absolutely incredible it feels to truly be alive.


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