Things that Annoy You Most (According to Your Zodiac Sign)

Things that Annoy You Most (According to Your Zodiac Sign)
Things that Annoy You Most (According to Your Zodiac Sign)

Feel a strong connection with your Zodiac sign? According to your sign, your pet peeves and the types of things that irritate you can be found in the stars. Check out your sign and see if it matches up with the things that bother you:

Aries –
People who take forever to get anything done
You despise people who take forever to get anything done. This sounds like my roommate, he’s always nagging me to get ready quicker because he’s been ready since 15 minutes before we decided on anything.

Things that Annoy You Most (According to Your Zodiac Sign)
Things that Annoy You Most (According to Your Zodiac Sign)

Taurus –
a change in routine
Taurus are not a fan of change to their routines. You don’t enjoy friend groups that are full of drama. Change can be ok, unless it goes so far as to set you back to starting all over again.

Gemini –
Dull or boring
The Gemini is not a fan of the dull or boring. Their firecracker nature causes them to be easily annoyed with being bored. If the person you’re talking to is about as interesting as watching paint dry, you’re not interested. They need excitement in all forms.

Cancer –
Invasion of personal space
The Cancer hates invasion of their personal space. They enjoy keeping their personal lives on the down-low, meaning they don’t like people who like to pry into their lives.

Leo –
The Silent Treatment
Us Leos hate the silent treatment. If you get into a huge fight with a Leo and then give them the silent treatment, they’re likely going to try to throw you off the top of a building. Leos like people who are real and honest with them, so silence comes off as a weakness.

Virgo –
Rudeness and meanness
Rudeness and meanness for no reason whatsoever really upset the Virgo. Virgos are often the ones who get into fights with people over the tone of their voice or unnecessarily poor behavior.

Libra –
Incompetent People
Libras despise people who are seemingly incompetent. The Libra enjoys order, meaning that those who mess the order up are immediately in the doghouse. Life isn’t that hard, people need to get their lives together.

Scorpio –
Scorpios despise liars. They take pride in being the ultimate “no bullsh*t” type of people. They’ll call out anyone who is practicing being phony. They don’t accept lies and are pretty blunt about everything.

Sagittarius –
These people hate finding themselves boxed in; they have restless spirits that hate stagnation. It drives them absolutely nuts to be stuck in a dead-end job that’s leading nowhere, or when they’re in an environment where everything is always the same.

Capricorn –
Clingy People
The Capricorn doesn’t enjoy clingy people. They’re highly independent people who don’t enjoy those who like to latch on. Their lovers and partners are no exception, either. And seeing others become dependent on others upsets them. People need to learn to fly solo.

Aquarius –
Particularly in those who you think should know better. Aquarians are progressive, meaning they can’t stand those people who make unfair assumptions about the random nature of life.

Pisces –
Sharp Criticism
People who don’t understand where you’re coming from. Pisces don’t enjoy sharp criticism; they hate when they’re trying to explain something and their friends can’t seem to get it.


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