The Story Behind Princess Diana’s Revenge Dress | A Little Black Dress Fit For A True Rebel With A Soft Heart

The Story Behind Princess Diana's Revenge Dress | A Little Black Dress Fit For A True Rebel With A Soft Heart
The Story Behind Princess Diana's Revenge Dress | A Little Black Dress Fit For A True Rebel With A Soft Heart

Princess Diana must have left us but her personality and life captivated the lives of millions of people around the globe. Her beauty, confidence and humanitarian works always kept her different from the rest. She was not just a princess but something beyond it that made her belong to the public. In June 1994, the people’s Princess shook the world.

When Princess Diana arrived at the Serpentine Gallery in London for a party on June 29, 1994, jaws dropped and people wondered about what had happened to the princess.  Dressed in a black, off-the-shoulder dress that hugged her body she looked completely different. Diana turned heads in the iconic black dress that day. Though she broke a couple of royal protocols, she looked nothing less than an elegant Princess.  The dress was soon named the “revenge dress” and here is why.

Prince Charles and Diana had been separated for over three years then. While Diana walked out in a ravishing black dress, Prince Charles made a shocking confession to millions of people around the world. When Prince Charles publically admitted being disloyal and unfaithful to Princess Diana, she didn’t stay home but stepped out into the public her sexy form-fitting dress designed by Greek designer Christina Stambolian. This incident then became a reason to why the dress was later called the “revenge dress.”

In an attempt to help the Prince gain some sympathy after the separation from Diana, a documentary was shot. However, the film backfired when the interviewer asked Prince Charles if he had been “faithful and honorable” to his wife during their marriage. Prince Charles who subtly confessed his infidelity was back looking bad in the public’s eye.

Kerry Taylor, the auction boss of a company that sold many of the Princess’ dresses said in an interview with the that the Princess made a big statement with the attire she chose. “While some would have been like, ‘I can’t face it this evening,’ Diana went out in that dress looking drop dead gorgeous. She made a big statement right there,” he said quoted Reader’s Digest.

Though the world will never get to know her true intentions, designer Christina Stambolian said that the dress was made three years before. However, sources said that the Princess thought the dress was “too daring” for a person like her and never choose to wear it.

It would be a surprise but the Princess had not planned to wear the iconic black dress initially. Her outfit choice for the party was leaked and Diana decided to switch to the daring black dress. Her former stylist told that the Princess wanted to look like “a million dollars” that evening. But one thing is for sure, with that dress, it got cemented that she was independent of the royal family, especially in her thought process. And the dress itself became an iconic representation of the rebel she was.



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