Student Triples The Size Of Her Lips In Order To Be More ‘Fashionable’

Student Triples The Size Of Her Lips In Order To Be More ‘Fashionable’
Student Triples The Size Of Her Lips In Order To Be More ‘Fashionable’

Andrea is so obsessed that she found it necessary to make an appointment at every plastic surgery clinic in her city to have the feature “fixed.” In the process, she spent an enormous sum of money. All of this surgery hasn’t made her feel more comfortable with her looks, and she doesn’t think that she will ever attain the perfect size for her lips.

This isn’t going to stop her because she is going to keep going until she finds the perfect look. She even says that she is getting marriage proposals because of the way her lips look

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Andrea is far from finished with plastic surgery. She intends to increase her lips to three times their current size so that they will be as fashionable as possible. The fifteen surgeries that she already had were done with all different types of gels and fillers. Every treatment costs about $167 reports Metro.

Andrea has been in love with big lips since she was a little girl. She thought that if her lips were bigger, she would be prettier than she already was.

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Andrea loves her lips now, and her followers think that she should make them even bigger. She loves how she feels when she first wakes up after another surgery, but she knows that this feeling doesn’t last. She believes that she has to continue to try to attain the perfect look, and she will keep going until she finds it.

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It may be that the “admirers” are the ones at fault here for encouraging this unfortunate pastime, so we think that it would be better for Andrea to leave these people behind. Hopefully, she will come to accept herself as she is and stop trying to achieve the impossible before all hope is gone.

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