Rob Lowe’s First Attempt At Monogamy Turned Into A 28-Year Long Marriage | “I’m Never Going To Find Anyone I Love More”

Rob Lowe's First Attempt At Monogamy Turned Into A 28-Year Long Marriage |
Rob Lowe's First Attempt At Monogamy Turned Into A 28-Year Long Marriage | "I'm Never Going To Find Anyone I Love More"

“27 years ago today I was blessed (and lucky) to marry my gorgeous, smart, funny and powerful best friend Sheryl. If you’d have told me then, what we would accomplish together, I would’ve never believed it,” Rob Lowe wrote for his wife in 2018 on Instagram.

All those years ago, before he got married to his wife, he really didn’t believe that his family would be his most cherished possession. Part of the reason was that his relationship with Sheryl Berkoff was his very first attempt at monogamy. And she helped him turn his entire life around.

“I had met my now wife, Sheryl, and was attempting my first try at monogamy—which was not really in my nature at the time—and I wasn’t able to do it,” the actor told Haute Living. “It made me examine how I was living my life. That led me to getting sober, which led me to changing my life—giving me everything I now have.”

The two of them first met on a blind date in 1983. But their next date happened almost seven years later, when Berkoff ended up being his makeup artist for the movie, Bad Influence, as reported by the Daily Mail. On July 22, 1991, the couple got married, according to Bustle, and have spent almost three decades devoted to each other.

While he’s still unsure about the concept of monogamy, the one thing he is certainly sure of is wanting to spend his days with the love of his life. “I’m not sure we’re meant to be monogamous, in fact I’m positive we’re not,” the father of two said, according to “But day in and day out I choose to be with my wife. I know I’m never going to find anyone I love more, who’s sexier or a better mother.”

The charismatic star takes the time out to do the “old-school” things that make his wife feel special and often calls her his ‘love bug’.

“My wife is the hardest person to shop for,” he told Today. “Usually, she buys herself something and says it’s my birthday present to her. She loves notes and flowers. It’s the simple old-school stuff. You can buy her something fancy and she loves it, but she loves the time and effort it takes to write a card.”

Apart from giving each other a happy marriage, they have also shared the beautiful bond of parenthood by raising their sons, Matthew and John. The actor is extremely attached to his boys and after they left the nest, he was “emotionally blindsided”. But it also gave him the opportunity to reconnect with his wife in a different way, almost like they were falling in love all over again.

At the time, he said, “What’s amazing is I’m looking at my wife going ‘I remember you. I used to really like you.’ We liked to travel and go to the movies and dinner and talk. All of a sudden, it’s reminding me of what it was like when we were first together. We both have time to fulfill our other destinies and get to know each other in a totally different way.”

He considers himself lucky to have found someone who’s so right for him. A few weeks after his 28th anniversary, he appeared on the latest episode of the goopfellas podcast and said, as quoted by Aol., “People always ask, ‘Do you have any advice about marriage?’ and I’m reminded of when they asked Alfred Hitchcock about making a hit movie. He said, ‘It’s all about the casting,’ and that’s the same with marriage. It really is all about who you pick. I always say to people, ‘If there’s any way to marry your best friend, do it.’ Cause the rest of it comes and goes, and I was very lucky there.”

Of all the things he values in his life, it’s not his fame or stardom or Golden Globe nominations. “My boys are definitely my greatest achievement,” Lowe told People. “I can only take half of the credit – maybe not even half! The rest goes to my wife Sheryl, who’s been just an amazing partner. Looking back on this year, the thing I’m most grateful is my family, my health and the opportunities that have been laid out before me.”



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