Rare Photos Of Princess Diana’s Living Quarters Give A Peek Into The Life She Lived Away From The Cameras

Rare Photos Of Princess Diana's Living Quarters Give A Peek Into The Life She Lived Away From The Cameras
Rare Photos Of Princess Diana's Living Quarters Give A Peek Into The Life She Lived Away From The Cameras

History has not seen anyone like Princess Diana. Her charismatic personality and generous heart made her the People’s Princess, first in Britain and then the whole world. People across the globe admired her and looked up to her for everything. For them, she was not just a princess, but she was one among them. She was the epitome of fashion, elegance, compassion love and much more. Though she passed away many years ago, the name Diana still lights up faces and brings a smile onto many.

Even today, people are intrigued by her life and thoughts. Though she married into British royalty, many events in her life that showed the rebellious free spirit she really was. The one thing that many would love to see is how Princess Diana was away from the cameras and reporters. Well, a testimony of her true self is out through a few rare photographs of her living quarters.

1. Her childhood room

Princess Diana grew up in this embellished room at the Spencer house. As a child, the Diana has a huge collection of stuffed toys that she treasured.


2.Her apartment at Kensington Palace

This picture shows the princess with her friend, Suzie Kassem. A picture of her eldest son William is seen on the table.


3. The room where Harry and William grew up

Prince William and Harry have, on numerous occasions, revealed how protective and loving their mother was. She wanted her sons to experience life like any other child would, and ensured they had a normal childhood. It is in this room, she watched her sons play and grow up into what they are today.

4. Diana’s boudoir at Kensington Palace

Diana’s fashion choices were stunning. She was looked upon by many for the simplicity and elegance she portrayed through fashion. This picture of her dressing table refects that simplicity in her daily life as well.


5. Her dining room at the Kensington Palace

Diana was unlike the royals of her time. After her death, the royal staff revealed that the princess often joined them for dinner.


6. A wall covered with pictures of her children

Diana was a great mother. The love towards her children is evident through the numerous pictures that are displayed on the wall.


7. The hallway between her living quarters

With minimalist furniture and bright yellow walls, the hallway captured the free-spirited choices of the late People’s Princess.


8. Her official desk, as she left it the last time

Diana got all her official works done at this desk. It remains how she left it behind with tiny statues of Jesus and Virgin Mary, two clocks, and many pictures of her sons.


9. Diana’s room in the royal yacht

Princess Diana’s room in the royal yacht, too, was nothing too fancy by royal standards, but reflected how she liked things simple.





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