Overjoyed Young Boy Invites Entire Kindergarten Class to Adoption Hearing | The Tiny Tots Turn up with Paper Hearts to Cheer Him

Overjoyed Young Boy Invites Entire Kindergarten Class to Adoption Hearing | The Tiny Tots Turn up with Paper Hearts to Cheer Him
Overjoyed Young Boy Invites Entire Kindergarten Class to Adoption Hearing | The Tiny Tots Turn up with Paper Hearts to Cheer Him

It was one of the biggest days for young Michigan boy, Michael Clark Jr. After all, he was just about to move to his new home with his new foster family. But perhaps this day was made even more special because he had the support of his entire kindergarten class.

On Thursday, November 26, 2019, Kent County in Michigan held their 23rd Annual Adoption Day where 5-year-old Michael was one of 37 children finally going home. Dressed to the nines and wearing a happy smile, he was glad that his kindergarten classmates had come to show their love, according to People. Many of them also cheered him on by waving around multi-colored cut-out hearts attached to sticks while sitting in their seats.

“Michael wanted to make his adoption day even more special, so he invited a lot of friends,” ABC 13 shared, according to Washinton Examiner.

Judge Patricia Gardner told ABC affiliated news channel WZZM that the support Michael received was “incredible”. “Sometimes their [adopted children] journeys have been very long, they’ve included change for the children and family and incredible community support as you’re able to see today in Michael’s adoption hearing,” she said. “His whole kindergarten class being here to say ‘we love you’ and ‘we support you’ and ‘we’ll be here not only today but all years in the future.'”


As for the boy’s class, “Michael’s my best friend,” one of his classmates named Steven, said. His teacher added, “We began the school year as a family. Family doesn’t have to be DNA, because family is support and love.” And there was not a single dry eye in the courthouse, reported WOOD TV.

But Michael and his class aren’t the only ones who are excited to see him find his forever home. The people adopting him, Andrea Melvin and Dave Eaton, had fostered him for a year before knowing that he was the perfect fit in their small world. “He brings us a lot of joy,” Andrea said, reported KMOV. “He’s just so full of energy and so full of love. It’s just been great for everybody. Giving a kid a permanent home, a forever family, is just the best gift you can give anybody,” she added.


The courtroom was filled with applause after Michael and his new parents banged the gavel to make the adoption official. The 5-year-old could not contain his excitement as he declared his love for his new parents. With celebrations underway, it seemed like nothing could make this day better.

Until there was one more surprise for the newly adopted kids — the arrival of Santa Claus, said People. Acknowledging the heartwarming moment on Twitter, the Michigan Supreme Court expressed their joy for Michael in a sweet message. “So glad he got to share his special day!” they wrote, with the hashtag “Adoption Equals Love.”

MI Supreme Court


So glad he got to share his special day! https://twitter.com/_JamesStarks/status/1202612578096209920 

James Starks


Probably the cutest story you will ever see. A kid who’s being adopted invited his ENTIRE kindergarten class to attend his adoption. @wzzm13

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