Newborn About To Be Taken Off Life Support Opens His Eyes For FIRST Time As His Parents Say Their Final Goodbyes

Newborn About To Be Taken Off Life Support Opens His Eyes For FIRST Time As His Parents Say Their Final Goodbyes
Newborn About To Be Taken Off Life Support Opens His Eyes For FIRST Time As His Parents Say Their Final Goodbyes

When excited, soon-to-be parents prepare to welcome home their little one, they do everything to make their baby’s arrival perfect; they keep warm blankets ready, they decorate the nursery, and they may even spend hours trying to pick a name. What most parents almost never imagine is having to say goodbye to their baby just moments after birth.

Chelsea and Greg were extremely excited to welcome their baby boy, Oscar Bedford into their family. But Oscar came into this world, blue and lifeless, bringing the couple’s world to a standstill. Despite the doctors’ best efforts, Oscar showed no signs of life and was put in an incubator. “They said that after taking him off the incubator he would live for minutes or maybe just seconds,” 26-year-old Chelsea told Leicestershire Live.

It was decided that Oscar would be taken out of his incubator. And in a special room at the Leicester Royal Infirmary, Chelsea and Greg had to say their final goodbyes to their son.

As Oscar laid on Chelsea’s chest, she made a Facetime call to her mother, Sally-Ann, so that she could see her grandson at least the one time. But what the grandmother saw was something completely unexpected.

“She was in the middle of the Highcross when the call got through to her and as we were talking she saw Oscar open his eyes and she just screamed,” Chelsea said. “His eyes were open for the first time and it was so surreal – it felt like a dream. I sat on the bed and shook my head like people do in films. It was amazing – the best feeling in the world – but I had to pinch myself.”

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Baby Oscar defied the medics and showed his parents he wasn’t leaving them and going anywhere. The parents took Oscar to the Rainbows hospice in Loughborough. Although Oscar was putting up a good fight, the doctors didn’t want Greg and Chelsea to get their hopes up.

“He was on an end-of-life plan with orders not to resuscitate him – but after three days he was taken off the plan,” she said.

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Oscar was able to go home with his hopeful parents and has been enduring a number of issues. Although it has been hard on Chelsea and Greg, seeing their baby boy smile and laugh at them keeps them going.

“He’s 18 months old now and he’s like a baby aged under three months but he smiles and he laughs and he loves lights, despite being partially blind,” added Chelsea. “He loves his trips to Rainbows – he enjoys hearing new voices and listening to music. He really likes being held and he babbles a lot.”

Oscar has been in and out of the hospital since he was born, and due to epilepsy, which is known to cut life short, doctors are unsure of how long he has to live. “He was in intensive care a month ago and we thought we were going to lose him,” the young mother said.

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Greg and Chelsea are also going to see Oscar become a big brother in February 2020. “He’s going to really enjoy having a little sister,” Chelsea added.

For now, the parents are hoping for the best and have even set up a GoFundMe page for their son, so that they can fill his life with wonderful things for however long he has left. Chelsea said, “I don’t know how long I’m going to have with him but while he’s here I feel he should have everything – especially after all he’s been through.”

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