Mother Who Wept Over The “Death” Of Her Child Every Year On His Birthday Is Reunited With Him 30 Years Later

Mother Who Wept Over The
Mother Who Wept Over The "Death" Of Her Child Every Year On His Birthday Is Reunited With Him 30 Years Later

A pregnant woman awaits the arrival of her baby. She looks forward to the joyous journey into motherhood with her little one. So, losing her child at birth is unimaginable to them. The pain is immense and the sadness persists for a lifetime. A woman from California underwent this pain. However, decades later, she was faced with a reality that changed her life.

According to KMPH, Tina Bejarano was just 17-years-old when she gave birth to her firstborn. However, a day after her birth, she was informed by her mother that her child was no more. “The next day, she comes back to tell me, ‘The baby died 15 minutes after it was born. It never made it. It was sick,'” explained Tina. The young girl was heartbroken, she had not even spent time with her child.

Tina married Eric Gardere shortly after her pregnancy but the pain of losing her first child remained in her life. Tina and Eric would celebrate the baby’s birthday. It was always a painful experience no matter how much time had passed.

“It was a hard time every year. I would get depressed. I would cry all the time,” recalled the woman. For 29 years of her life, she grieved the death of her baby. “She would go into a major depression,” said her husband.

Over the years, the couple had 5 children but Tina kept thinking of her dead child. However, everything changed when her daughter asked her to do a DNA test. In 2017, Tina did a DNA test. Unexpectedly, the mother of 5 received an email.

“I think we need to talk, it says we’re related, and it says you’re my mom,” said the mail. It was from a man named Kristin from New Jersey. Tina was shocked.

Soon, Tina discovered the sad truth.

Her mother, who was abusive did not want young Tina to keep the baby. Knowing that her daughter would not give up her child, she lied to her. Her mother then gave her child up for adoption without her permission. Tina was beyond happy to know that her child was alive.

Kristin told Tina that he was born a girl but was transitioning into a man. He also told her that he was adopted by a family just five days after he was born.  He added that he had a wife and a child too.

Tina could not contain her tears and joy. “Looking at him just makes me want to cry. “I don’t care. I don’t care if he’s in transition. I don’t care if he hasn’t transitioned. I don’t care. That’s my kid. We’re just glad he’s alive,” said the elated woman.

Apart from Tina, her husband Eric is also excited. Though Kristin is not his biological son, Eric too shares his wife’s happiness. “We’ve been communicating with Kristen for a few months now. He calls me Dad, I call him son, I text him every morning,” said Eric.

Tina expects to meet her son soon enough. She also hopes that her story will encourage separated families to keep looking for their loved ones.



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