John Krasinski’s Love For His “Hero” Emily Blunt, Shows How A Real Man In Love Makes His Wife Feels Special

John Krasinski's Love For His
John Krasinski's Love For His "Hero" Emily Blunt, Shows How A Real Man In Love Makes His Wife Feels Special

Being in love is not difficult but the heart to admire and respect the woman you are with is not everyone’s cup of tea. Hollywood actor John Krasinski has however achieved that. Apart from the unconditional love he shares for his wife, Emily Blunt, he is known to consider her his “hero.”

Married for around 9 years, Krasinski still gushes over his partner and admits he is blown away by her every single day. “I’m living a lottery ticket life. My wife is my hero in every single way. Truly, every single day I’m blown away by her, so I’m always looking to her for inspiration,” said the actor.

Though it has been 11 years since the two met, their ongoing romance and incredible admiration for each other has helped them remain in a strong relationship. Their story will surely make you believe in the universe that brings together people who are meant to be.

The couple met each other in 2008 at a restaurant while they were hanging out with their respective friends. Blunt’s friend, who knew Krasinski, bumped into him and paved way for the couple’s first meeting. “I was in a restaurant. He was in the restaurant. I was sitting with a mutual friend. This is our romantic comedy. He abandoned Justin and came over to talk to us. He did not eat. He just stood there and made me laugh,” said Blunt.

Krasinski was smitten but was not looking for a relationship. But he knew he was going to fall in love with her as soon as they met. “It’s one of those things where, as soon as you meet someone, you kind of know. I wasn’t really looking for a relationship and I was thinking I’m going to take my time in L.A., then I met her and I was so nervous. I was like, ‘Oh god, I think I’m going to fall in love with her.’ As I shook her hand I went, ‘I like you!'” told the actor to Ellen DeGeneres.

Soon, they got together and had nothing but the most amazing time together. From watching each other’s movies multiple times to enjoying pizza at the comfort of their homes, they did just everything a couple would do. Their relationship escalated quite quickly and by August 2009, they were officially engaged.

“She did cry after I cried and we cried and then everyone around us was crying. Then, I think people weren’t really sure what was going on, but they were crying because we were crying. But it was great. At the end of the day she said yes, which is great. It’s a big part of this whole thing,” said the License to Wed star. The couple tied the knot in July 2010, promising to be together forever. “All I can say is that it’s an effing blast. It’s just great, and I’m so happy,” said Blunt about her marriage to Modern Luxury in 2012.

The two welcomed their daughters Hazel and Violet in 2014 and 2016, respectively. In spite of being with each other for years, their relationship remains as adorable and romantic as before. Apart from calling her a wonderful and supportive partner, Krasinski also credits her being the best mother. “I wake up every morning with a smile on my face, waiting for the next amazing moment that she’ll have with the kids.”

Blunt says her partner changed her life for the best. “Meeting John really changed my life. When I feel the support that I have from him, I feel invincible. There’s someone behind you on your good days, and someone in front of you on your bad days,” said Emily to Instyle. When asked about the secret of their happy marriage, the couple says, “For us, it’s been support,” he said. “We support each other in every single thing, we believe in each other in every single thing, so I think there’s no one I trust more than her, and I think it’s vice versa for her. It’s really just respect and trust in that person.”

It is magical how the couple sticks together in love and it is undeniably amazing to see a man look up to his wife for inspiration and support.



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