Insensitive Post Says Women Who’ve Had A C-Section Are Not Real Mothers And Should Hand Their Children Back

Insensitive Post Says Women Who've Had A C-Section Are Not Real Mothers And Should Hand Their Children Back
Insensitive Post Says Women Who've Had A C-Section Are Not Real Mothers And Should Hand Their Children Back

A parent is possibly the one person in your life who will drop everything just to listen to you rant about your difficult day. This may especially be true for a mother. She is the person who didn’t mind staying up all night just to keep a check on your high fever when you were a child. And it’s her love alone that never changed as you grow up into the person you are today.

After all that a mother does to make her child feel loved and protected, the one thing that really doesn’t matter is how she became your mom or how she brought you into this world.

Insensitive Post Says Women Who've Had A C-Section Are Not Real Mothers And Should Hand Their Children Back
Insensitive Post Says Women Who’ve Had A C-Section Are Not Real Mothers And Should Hand Their Children Back

That’s why an extremely insensitive post about C-sections, that was later put up on Reddit, caused a lot of outrage and gave rise to a number of opinions.”C-Secions are literally the easiest way out(sic),” the outrageous post said.

“I’m sick of seeing all these moms claiming to be moms to be honest. If your kid didn’t come through your birth canal in real life you are not that childs mother,” it went on to say.

Not only did the person claim that these women were not real mothers, but they also ended the post by giving a shocking suggest. “Hand it back to the dad and go on about your business,” the post said.

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People in the comments who saw the post were quick to highlight how it’s not the method of birth that makes a person a parent, but their involvement in the child’s life.

ricky_spanish_1 said, “You raise a kid…you’re a parent. Plain and simple” while ChristMade commented and said, “This is absurd on so many levels, and most C-sections are needed, not elective anyway (still 100% a mother!!!)”

In many cases, a cesarean is not an option for a woman in labor; it’s the only way out so that *both* the mother and the child are in no risk, and in some extreme cases, to ensure that *both* the mother and child come out alive.

People who did have their children through a cesarean joked about how this post suggests that they are no longer mothers. beautyyetbrains said, “Someone come get these kids then…apparently they aren’t mine.”

Another mother, Used2BPromQueen also said, “It turns out I don’t really have children either! Guess I’ll have to break the news to everybody. I was thinking of doing, like a reverse birth announcement. Maybe even getting one of those front yard stork thingies saying ‘It’s NOT a Boy’ with his current height and weight.”

Children who were born to mothers who had a C-section were quick to defend their mother and talk about how important the parent’s role has been in their life. Squeeze_My_Lemons wrote, “As a C-Section baby myself, this repulses me. My mom has to go through so much during my birth I am lucky to be alive. She’s taken care of me my whole life, doesn’t that make her a mom?”

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FatherofGray wrote, “I’m a C-section baby. More specifically, I went into distress mid birth so if I hadn’t been cut out I wouldn’t even be alive. My mom carried me all the way up until then and raised me to be who I am today. How the f— is she not a real mom?”

A sarcastic comment from littlemisslol said, “Ah yes, I’ll have to tell my mom she’s not a real mother cuz she didn’t let me die in the womb, what a shame.”

After all, neither a natural birth nor a cesarean guarantees anyone a happy childhood. It’s the love they had that they will remember for the rest of their life.

“What makes you a biological mother of someone is if the egg that made the child came from you, but what actually makes you someone’s mother is if you’re a mother to them,” EmperorHenry commented. “Don’t judge people based on nothing, there could’ve any number of medical issues that made it mandatory for the c-section to happen. Whether it be to safe the child or the mother.”



  1. Wow, what a bunch of morons who think that mothers who needed to have caesereans are not real mothers.

    I had to have both my daughters this way. Both babies weighed 10 lbs. at birth (big babies run in my family) and their head circumference was off the chart. My pelvis is small (android, like a man’s) therefore, the babies couldn’t fit through my birth canal). After 30 hours of labor and being induced I was finally dilated to 10 cm: the baby’s head was still minus 4: she couldn’t come out. At 40 hours of labor she was in distress and I went into shock. If the doctor wouldn’t have performed a caesarean, we both would have died.

    My second baby’s head made it farther down the birth canal. After 12 hours of labor and dilating to 10 cm, her head was stuck in my cervix!! The doctors performed a caeserean and had to use forceps inside my incision to get her head out!! She had a ring around her skull for months (where she was stuck) and had a stork bite (red mark) between her eyes for years. Both caused ftom the pressure on her skull. My doctor told me that my pelvis could only give birth to a 5 pound baby with a small head.

    For the uninformed people, caesereans are harder to recover from, cut your abdominal muscles that never are the same again, and impair the new mother. I couldn’t even lift my big babies by myself for 6 weeks!! Not to mention recovering from the pain of major surgery.

    I hope that I have educated some judgmental people today.


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