Husband Uses Billboards To Show His Wife How Much He Loves Her And Writes What Every Woman Wants To Hear

Husband Uses Billboards To Show His Wife How Much He Loves Her And Writes What Every Woman Wants To Hear
Husband Uses Billboards To Show His Wife How Much He Loves Her And Writes What Every Woman Wants To Hear

For a 51-year-old woman in Tulsa named Amy Wilson, she didn’t have to wonder whether her husband truly loved her. And that’s because her husband made his devotion to her loud and clear by posting sweet love notes for her on eight billboards across Tulsa.

As drivers made their way on Tulsa’s busiest expressways, they saw Josh Wilson’s true affection for his wife, who had a special message printed on the billboard that said, “Amy, I love you more!”

“It’s a little thing that Amy and I are always saying to each other,” Josh said, according to The Hamilton Spectator. “One of us will say, ‘I love you,’ and the other one will say, ‘I love you more.'”

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41-year-old Josh owns a business that’s called Living Water Irrigation. The reason behind him buying the eight billboard spaces was to promote his business. However, after further analysis, he noticed that the advertisements were not really helping. He was also told that he couldn’t cancel the one-year agreement he had with the digital billboard company.

“I wasn’t getting the response that I expected with the ads,” he said. “But I was told that I was contractually obligated until January 1 and couldn’t get my money back.” Thankfully, his business coach, Clay Clark, suggested a wonderful idea that Josh was delighted by.

Clay told him, “Since you’re always talking about how much you love your wife, why don’t you just say something to her on the billboards? You might as well turn it into a positive.” And josh went on to do exactly that.

After he called up the billboard company, the message on his billboards were changed to “Amy, I love you more!” accompanied by the company’s logo.

A number of passersby saw the billboard and prompted many to wonder who this Amy was and whether someone was trying to make up for some wrong they had done to Amy.

“I’m not in trouble. I’m not in the doghouse,” Josh told Fox 23. “I’m just in love with my wife.” All that he wanted to do was “to show her how much I appreciate her for putting up with a lot of stuff I do,” he said.

Although a sizeable number of people saw the billboards, Josh’s wife, Amy wasn’t one of them. She only saw them after a couple of weeks since the message had been up. Amy said, “I got busy with work and actually heard about all of this when a local news station did a story. Everyone had been wondering, ‘Who’s Amy?'”

When Amy finally did see it, she was touched by her husband’s endearing message, as reported by Good News Network.

Amy met her now husband about five years back when Josh came up to her and asked her for a dance. “When Josh came to the bar straight from the golf course and asked me to dance, at first I thought, ‘Who is this weirdo and why is he wearing flip-flops instead of cowboy boots?'” she recalled.

But her first impression was soon changed and they eventually started falling in love.

Josh admitted, “I knew after we danced the two-step that we’d be together from that moment on.”

They went on to spend three years together in a relationship until one day, while they were on vacation in Florida, Amy noticed a message written in the sand, saying, “Will you marry me”. She said yes and the couple went on to tie the knot.

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After the people of Tulsa saw the doting husband’s messages on the billboards, Clay explained that many of his clients have been talking about how their partners have started becoming more expressive about their affection.

As for Josh, “the truth is, I just adore her” and was delighted to declare his love to his entire town.

The couple also mentioned that they might change the message to give drivers something new to see. “We’re going to put up a photo of our five dogs,” Josh said. “We both think it’s perfect. I love them madly, too.”

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