Hospitals Across USA Are Dressing Up Their Tiny NICU Patients In Adorable Halloween Costumes

Hospitals Across USA Are Dressing Up Their Tiny NICU Patients In Adorable Halloween Costumes
Hospitals Across USA Are Dressing Up Their Tiny NICU Patients In Adorable Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a time of celebration that excites everyone including adults and children. While most of us have the opportunity to select our favorite costumes and put some deliberate cobwebs and carved pumpkins, there are still many who aren’t able to celebrate the festival, especially those in hospitals.

However, this year, a few hospitals across the country did something adorable to bring in the festive spirit.

Enthusiastic staff and parents in many hospitals came together to dress these babies in their first Halloween costumes as a part of the celebration. Not only did they just dress them but also held activities to make the season special for the kids and their parents.

According to CBS, Parkland Hospital in Texas held a costume craft party that involved both parents and staff members. The hospital provided them with party supplies such as ribbon, glitter and hot glue to put together their favorite costume for their tiny one. The considerate staff made sure every baby had a special costume made for the season.

“Part of our job as Child Life Specialists is to help families cope with this stressful life event by providing opportunities to focus on positive things — like celebrating Halloween by creating costumes for their babies who are unable to be home with family during the holidays,” said Jennifer Porter, a staff member at Parkland Hospital.

Costumes for nearly 100 newborns were made and the pictures were nothing less than adorable. Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital in Nashville also followed a similar path. They dressed their tiniest patients in hand-crafted costumes by the nurses. The staff said that the new tradition is a great way to bring smiles to the parents who undergo a lot of stress during the time their babies are in the NICU.

Meanwhile, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia took it a whole new level and even organized a photoshoot for the babies. Dressed in costumes ranging from emojis, chili pepper to anything and everything imaginable, the infants brought a smile to everyone.

Families were also seen posing with the kids and the photoshoot was a grand success. The Henry Ford Health System in Michigan, Cook Children’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Wolfson Children’s Hospital are other medical facilities that joined the Halloween celebrations.

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See NICU babies celebrate their first Halloween in costume 

See NICU babies celebrate their first Halloween in costume

Advocate Children’s Hospital holds its Halloween costume contest every year. The hospital hopes the annual event brings “a bit of normalcy to the parents during an otherwise stressful time.”

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The pictures of these babies have already become so popular all over the internet. Nobody can scroll past the cute innocent faces of these children and of course their handmade costumes. “I love this time of the year because you get to see NICU babies dressed up in super tiny Halloween costumes and it’s just too cute,” wrote one Twitter user. “These NICU babies in their little Halloween costumes are bringing me much joy rn,” wrote another.



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