Holiday Classic ‘Christmas Vacation’ Returning to the Big Screens for Its 30th Anniversary This December!

Holiday Classic 'Christmas Vacation' Returning to the Big Screens for Its 30th Anniversary This December!
Holiday Classic 'Christmas Vacation' Returning to the Big Screens for Its 30th Anniversary This December!

As the Christmas holidays approach, Clark Griswold (played by Chevy Chase) leaves no stone unturned to make it a perfect Christmas, from the tree to the decoration in his house. So that his family and he could have an unforgettable eve. But things quickly go down the hill when Clark’s cousin and his family show up unannounced and start living in his property. What follows is an epic meltdown rarely witnessed in holiday movie history.

By now, you may have fairly understood what we are talking about. That’s right. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, one of the favorite holiday movies of all time.

With the Christmas holidays around the corner and most of us busy chalking out a list of things to do during the holidays, it would not be wrong to assume that many of us would like to snuggle up under their cozy blankets and enjoy a movie marathon. Well then, here is good news for all those who are so eagerly waiting for the holidays to begin. The classic holiday movie Christmas Vacation is all set to hit the theaters this Christmas after 30 years of its original release, reports 103GBF.

In 1989 we were introduced to the Griswolds, who in their own unique way shaped our idea of Christmas vacations. While we have numerous streaming options available now, lining up in theaters to watch this holiday-flavored movie all over again would in a way bring back the good ol’ era of the 80s. The 30-year-old movie was first released on December 1, 1989, and became a household name ever since. For many of us, it is no less than a ritual to watch the movie during the Christmas vacations with friends, family, and apple pie!

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is mostly recommended to the younger generation by the older ones, but this is a good opportunity for the youngsters to take their elders to theaters and welcome Christmas, the 80s style.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation will be in the theaters for one week at AMC Theaters for the 30th anniversary and it will also be playing in Evansville during the week of 12/6 to 12/12. The event begins on Thursday, December 5 at 7:00 p.m. (local time). The AMC website also says that fans that come to see the 30th-anniversary showing will go home with an ornament to hang on their Christmas trees, reports Do You Remember? Details and show timings can be found here.



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