Heartbroken Girls Do A Father-Daughter Dance With Dying Dad Knowing He Wouldn’t Be There When They Get Married

Heartbroken Girls Do A Father-Daughter Dance With Dying Dad Knowing He Wouldn't Be There When They Get Married
Heartbroken Girls Do A Father-Daughter Dance With Dying Dad Knowing He Wouldn't Be There When They Get Married

The father-daughter bond is one of a kind. Whether good or bad, there are very few who are as important as them in your life. Those blessed with a good relationship with their fathers wish to have their presence in every significant step in life — be it your graduation or the father-daughter dance at your wedding. Therefore, not being able to live that dream is heartbreaking. Two daughters were faced with such a situation. They could not give up and so decided to do something thoughtful, yet painful.

51-year-old Jason Halbert from Texas was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer in April 2019, according to People. The doctors informed his wife Nicole Clowson Halbert and daughters Kaylee and Ashlee that the illness could be treated with radiation and chemotherapy. However, he told them that the treatments could not guarantee a longer life span. Despite the bad news, they carried on with the treatment.

However, they were left with a piece of bad news. “Jason was a superhero as he completed the six weeks of radiation and a couple rounds of chemo that followed. But, three weeks ago, we found out the cancer had leaked into his [cerebrospinal fluid],” wrote the wife on Facebook.

The doctors told the devastated wife that Jason was just left with two to three months. “Your heart stops, you can’t hear, your breath becomes shallow. How were we supposed to tell our daughters? How were we supposed to plan our future?” said Nicole. The helpless wife and mother did not know how to break the news to their teenage daughters.

However, gathering all her strength, she told Kaylee, 18, and Ashlee, 16 about their father’s condition. It was heartbreaking to both of them. They wanted to make the most of their last days with their beloved father. Having dreamed of sharing a dance with their father at their weddings, the teenage daughters decided to do a photoshoot with their dad.

“The dreams they had of their daddy walking them down the aisle had come to a screeching halt. So, I asked them what was most important to them and my oldest said she wanted to have her father/daughter dance that she would have had at her wedding. Mind you, she is only 18 and nowhere near getting married, but she picked out her song with her dad at the age of 7 so this is something that weighed heavily on her,” told the mother.

With the help of friends and family, the family went ahead to shoot the pictures on 14 October, 2019. The two future brides were dressed in white and danced with their dad as their family friend Shalonda Chaddock of Chubby Cheeks Photography captured those emotional moments.

“It was wonderful. It was really the community that pulled together to make it happen for us. It was just a little request that my girls had. We were lucky because a lot of kids lose their parents suddenly and aren’t able to recreate a memory. We were lucky that we knew,” told Nicola.

Nicola said she was proud of her husband who stood bravely for his daughters, despite his pain. “I was so proud of him because he fought through feeling miserable to do this for them. He was not going to get to see them in a wedding gown or at that moment. So now he has kind of that image. So, it was important for him to be able to know that that’s what it could be,” said the mother.

The family hopes to make many more days in the coming days. They are planning to get matching sound wave tattoos of Jason saying, “I love you girls.” The saddened father has also been making letters and recording for his family. Meanwhile, the family plans to save the video of the photo shoot for their daughter’s big days.




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