Groom Turns Away from Bride During Wedding to Propose to Her Sister | Watch Them Exchange Vows

Groom Turns Away from Bride During Wedding to Propose to Her Sister | Watch Them Exchange Vows
Groom Turns Away from Bride During Wedding to Propose to Her Sister | Watch Them Exchange Vows

For every bride, a wedding is the most special moment in her life. It’s a gathering of all the people she loves, her family and the man she is in love with. For her, it’s a promise that her man is making to take care of not just her but her family. And Ashley Seaton, 23, saw that promise being brought to life when the man she loved, Will Seaton, did something that melted her heart. Inside Edition reports the touching story.

It all started when Ashley’s parents sat her down to explain to her what her younger sister, Hannah, was going through with her Down Syndrome. It was then that Ashley decided that her sister was the most important person to her and that she would be her protector. She dedicated her love to making sure Hannah never felt left out at any point in time.

And this was tested when Ashley met Will and developed a relationship. But as their bond grew, Ashley told him he would have to accept that Hannah would be with her all the time. “I told him we were a package deal when we started dating in 2010,” Ashley explained to ABC News.

Without hesitation, Will accepted Hannah into the fold. He understood what the young girl meant to Ashley and chose to make Hannah his sister too. Fast forward to the day that would mark a milestone in Ashley and Will’s life – the proposal. Will knew exactly what he wanted to do and it involved Hannah. He wanted to propose to her and he knew exactly how to do it.

Setting up a photo shoot that included Ashley, Hanna and himself in a meadow, he got down on one knee to propose… to Hannah. Asking her if she would be his best friend forever, he was met with shrieks of excitement. It was clear that she was ecstatic to be a part of that special moment. “She was so excited, and I looked at Will and said, ‘I’m probably next, right?’” said Ashley and she was, reported USA Today.

Ashley always believed that Hannah was a blessing in her life. And now, she found a man who felt the exact same way. When the day of the wedding arrived, Will didn’t just make his vows to Ashley, he made them to Hannah too.

“Hannah, I’m thankful you’re my sister and my best friend,” Will Seaton, 25, of Santa Claus proclaimed, in a video licensed by SWNS. “You’re one in a million. I promise to always take you fishing, tell you plenty of funny jokes and most importantly, I promise to always look out for you and take care of you as a big brother.”

“She was on the verge of crying, I had to help her read [her vows] but it was very emotional,” Ashley told Inside Edition. “I’m really glad she got to be part of us that day and not just part of the bridal party.”

“She was more than a bridesmaid, but not a bride,” Ashley explained. “Will and I have a very good friendship and that’s the foundation of our relationship — [Hannah] just makes the foundation stronger.”

Ashley mentioned that she had always been prepared to take care of her sister for the rest of her life. Having Hannah share her wedding day just proved that she was truly ready. “[Hannah] is someone who is very dependent,” Ashley explained. “I’m thankful that I can trust [Will] to take care of Hannah in a heartbeat. He’s one in a million.”

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