Grieving Mom Decorates Son’s Grave to Honor His Love For Halloween, Cemetry Committee Calls Her “Insensitive” & Trashes It

Grieving Mom Decorates Son's Grave to Honor His Love For Halloween, Cemetry Committee Calls Her
Grieving Mom Decorates Son's Grave to Honor His Love For Halloween, Cemetry Committee Calls Her "Insensitive" & Trashes It

A bereaved mom was labeled “insensitive” after she decorated her own son’s grave with Halloween props to bring laughter on people’s faces with her unique attempt. Christina Wohle, 44, lost her son, Cole to a heart attack just days after his 18th birthday in July 2016, reports the Daily Mail.

The teenager had a great sense of humor and loved Halloween. Therefore, to honor him, Christina lays holiday-themed props around his grave every year. This year she planted a skeleton wearing a cowboy hat crawling out of the grave. But the cemetery committee took issue with the decoration and removed it immediately.

Talking to Yahoo!, Christina said that Cole was a Little League coach, volunteer firefighter, and rodeo enthusiast. He was ‘larger than life’ and had a fun sense of humor. So she likes to decorate his grave on Christmas, Easter, and Halloween with the props that he would have liked. “It started as a way to bring some happiness to a lot of people who miss a very charismatic child who was taken from earth shortly after he turned 18,” she told the New Hampshire Union Leader.

While she never faced any objections from anyone earlier, this year’s decorations did not go down well with the authorities who stated that it could scare visitors. But she defended saying, “It’s a smiling skeleton, it’s not something meant to scare anyone. It has a big ol’ smile on it,”

She also thinks that it would have made Cole happy and prove to be funny for her friends who come to visit. Her younger son approved this idea of hers calling it his mom’s “harmless kind of crazy.” She even took a photo of the decorations for Facebook, writing: “Hey, Cole popped up to see y’all”.

Christina said that the response to this unique idea of hers has mostly been positive. Except for the cemetery committee who found it “insensitive” and threw the decorations in a garbage bin without contacting her. But the 44-year-old mom did not budge. She came back and set everything up again. And this became a bitter ritual wherein the committee would have the decorations trashed and she would set them up again.

According to Daily Mail, Polly Freese, the commission’s chairperson, said that the decorations were inappropriate and blocked landscapers from doing their job.

“It’s really frustrating because you’re dealing with emotion on the one side, and with the law on the other, and we’re coming across as the bad guys,” she said. Christina also went on to argue that her idea of decoration was not against the rule because the cemetery is rarely landscaped or mowed. Moreover, there isn’t any grass over Cole’s grave.

“It was never meant to offend anyone,” she said. “Like, I heard someone say, ‘That’s just a horror show.’  A lot of us have spent three years with a lot of tears, and just to convey a simple little smile and laughter… that’s it. It was just a quick laugh. It’s kind of blown up and gotten crazy and it was never meant to,” she added.

“I don’t believe a cemetery is just someplace that you have to go and cry because if you go see your loved one and just cry all the time, that’s pretty devastating.”

While the cemetery authority is not accepting of any of Christina’s arguments, she plans to carry on the ritual of decorating his grave because her attempts mean no harm and it is to honor her son who now lives there.

“I will maintain and keep his landscape beautiful until the day I am put in next to him,” she said.



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