Grieving Daughter Gets Tattoo That Plays Back Her Late Mother’s Voice | “When Somebody You Love Dies, the First Thing You Want Is to Hear Their Voice”

Grieving Daughter Gets Tattoo That Plays Back Her Late Mother's Voice |
Grieving Daughter Gets Tattoo That Plays Back Her Late Mother's Voice | "When Somebody You Love Dies, the First Thing You Want Is to Hear Their Voice"

When we love someone with all our heart, we try to cling on to them as hard we can. But as the law of nature goes, there inevitably comes a time when we need to say goodbye to them forever. After they transcend to the other world we do everything we can to cling on to their memories in a desperate attempt to not feel incomplete without them. A 28-year-old woman from Arizona took the attempts a notch higher when she lost her mom in 2015.

She got a sound wave tattoo in her arm that plays back her late mother’s voice and she says that makes her feel that her mother is still around. Caitlin Hallock can “play” the tattoo by hovering her phone over it while using an app that transforms the waves into sounds, reports the Mail.

In the message, recorded on Caitlin’s 24th birthday, Leslie Ann Bando, her mother, can be heard saying: “Happy birthday, girl.” This allows Caitlin to feel close to her mother who died unexpectedly of a heart attack.

Caitlin, a healthcare worker, said, “She was the best person in my life – the most selfless mum in the world. When somebody you love dies, the first thing you want is to hear their voice.” She added, “now, I can hear my mum whenever I want. It’s only around a two-second long clip, but it captures everything about her, how happy she was and how much she loved me.”

Continuing the same train of thoughts she said that her mother’s death was so unexpected and she could never tell what went wrong. “She’d died of a sudden heart attack,” Caitlin said. “I didn’t understand, I’d spoken to her just before. I don’t know for sure if it was caused by stress. It’s (she was stressed about money) not the kind of thing you ever imagine would take a life.”

Caitlin, a mother to Caden, 10, Jaxon, 7, Cali, 6 and Madilynn, 1, honored her mother with a number of tattoos, including a clock displaying the exact time of her death, a rose to mark her love of gardening and some of her handwriting, reports the Mail.

It was Caitlin’s tattoo-artist husband, Shane, who came across the idea while researching new art forms. He tried the new design himself first before inking it on his wife. Caitlin said, “It was perfect. I knew as soon as I heard it that was the one.” A day after the tattoo was finished, Caitlin could listen to the tattoo for the first time after years with the help of a mobile app called Skin Motion.

“It really got me. It was so emotional hearing her,” she said. According to the Mail, Caitlin plays the tattoo a couple of times a day, often to her four children, who love listening to their grandma’s voice. She added, “Losing a parent so young isn’t something you ever think you’ll go through, so you can take the little things for granted, like being able to hear their voice whenever you like. But now, thankfully, I can once again.”

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