Fun Test: Your Favorite Christmas Carol Reveals What You’ll Miss the Most from Your Childhood this Christmas

Fun Test: Your Favorite Christmas Carol Reveals What You'll Miss the Most from Your Childhood this Christmas
Fun Test: Your Favorite Christmas Carol Reveals What You'll Miss the Most from Your Childhood this Christmas

Carols are the quintessential festive way of feeling the vibe of Christmas and rejoicing in the divinity that comes with the season. And nothing quite reminds us of the good-old-days like the cheerful songs. Many of us have been hardened by life over the years, but there is a part of us that still longs for the days of our childhood when things were simple and happy. Carols have their own unique way of reminding us that the best season of the year is here and making us hope for a better tomorrow.


As we grow up, we pass on our traditions and values to our children and hope that they would continue them with the very dedication you did when you were little. While most of us enjoy all the songs, there definitely must be one that is a bit closer to your heart than others. Pick your favorite song and we will tell you what you miss your most from your childhood.


1. Jingle bells

A list of Christmas carols without Jingle bells will be no list at all. A universal favorite, this carol captures the festive vibe in the most vibrant way. The scene of Santa riding through the snow and coming to our homes with gifts is etched in our memory forever thanks to this merry song. The song still makes us want to go back to the time we believed that Santa will indeed slide in our homes through the kitchen chimney to fulfil all our wishes. If this is your favorite carol, it means you miss the innocence and simplicity of Christmas back in the day. You miss hearing stories of legends from your grandma or aunt, while sipping on hot chocolate and having fun at home with family. You miss the pure festive vibe without the mix of modernity.

2. Silent night

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If this is your favorite Christmas carol, you probably miss the days full of devotion in your home and at the church. You miss singing in the choir in the church and with your family at home after a nice, warm dinner. You miss the calm nights when you decorated your house with your siblings with Christmas carols playing the background. You know that back in the day Christmas was about being devoted and grateful but gradually things have changed and Silent Night makes you want to experience the old, holy nights when praying to the Lord meant more than the commercial aspects of the season.

3. Deck the Halls

This carol probably reminds you of the old-world charm that Christmas had back in the day. The days when your neighbors meant no less than your family. You miss the sense of community and belonging that the season brought, where everyone looked out for each other and made you feel like a part of a giant extended family. You are likely to also miss the hearty meals and loud laughter with the people you love. You long for the time when intimate moments with family were cherished wholeheartedly, not just to be captured and posted on social media.  You miss the real connections and emotions associated with Christmas, and wish you could go back in time when there was no instant selfies and social media hype.

4. Joy to the world

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This is the quintessential choir carol, which brings back memories of pre-Christmas celebration at school. There is something about the good-old-days when kids enjoyed simple moments like singing together, putting up decorations, and opening up presents without demanding much like kids today. You are a romantic at heart and you miss the age when handwritten notes and a heartfelt message mattered more than expensive gadgets. You are likely to miss the simple joys of baking together, visiting family, pulling a prank, and cuddling with your pet on a cozy night and wish you could go back to those days.

While there are a lot of holiday traditions that still makes us feel the true charm of Christmas, there will always be those beautiful moments etched in our memories forever.


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