Fun Quiz: Your Favourite Holiday Tradition as a Couple Reveals a Lot About Your Relationship

Fun Quiz: Your Favourite Holiday Tradition as a Couple Reveals a Lot About Your Relationship
Fun Quiz: Your Favourite Holiday Tradition as a Couple Reveals a Lot About Your Relationship

Most of us enjoy traditions because they remind us to celebrate a particular occasion of positivity, love, and joy. It is imperative to celebrate the holidays with some traditions as a couple as they would reinforce your bond and establish your trust and respect for one another, all over again. They are a good way to revisit some of the vows you exchanged and promise to be there for each other. During these traditions, you might also find new inspiration in your relationship that motivates you to give your all to the relationship and bring out the best out of it.

Fun Quiz: Your Favourite Holiday Tradition as a Couple Reveals a Lot About Your Relationship
Fun Quiz: Your Favourite Holiday Tradition as a Couple Reveals a Lot About Your Relationship

What is your favorite holiday tradition as a couple, and what does it say about your bond?

1. Watching your favorite holiday movie

If you like to snuggle up under the blanket with a hot cup of coffee or chocolate and watch your favorite movie for the hundredth time, you are most likely the kind of couple that loves to spend time in each other’s company than anyone else’s. Spending quality time with each other is your priority and you understand that these moments help you nurture and replenish your relationship. The moments in which you are completely by yourselves without any of the regular humdrum, enjoying and relishing each other’s company are what makes your relationship stable and strong. You are one of those couples who know how to handle a storm together without letting your togetherness and sanity blow away in it.

2. Setting up & decorating the Christmas tree

If your favorite holiday tradition is setting up and decorating the Christmas tree it means that you are not just hopeful but committed to creating a better tomorrow with each other. The Christmas tree symbolizes spring and prosperity, therefore, your innate desires are welcoming the future together, being there for each other through thick and thin, and working towards making your life and household more prosperous and whole. Buying gifts and ornaments to decorate the tree together is an act of sheer love wherein you not only decorate the holy tree but adorn your life with togetherness and happiness. This might also mean that you plan for a future together where there is love, prosperity, and joy.

3. Hanging up the mistletoe

Hanging the mistletoe is one of the most common and widely loved holiday traditions. This innocent little shrub’s association with peace, healing, and hope makes it the perfect accessory to grace our homes during the holy days. Therefore, if you like to set up the evergreen and sacred shrub in your house together, you are very romantic as a couple. You strive to keep the spark alive every day and know that a kiss can heal every fight and every pain. This could also mean that you want calmness in your relationship and do not believe in arguments even when things seem to go downhill. Even in the most trying times, you find your way back to one another and quash all bitterness with the gentle and genuine feeling you have for one another.

4. Having an old-fashioned date night

Many would admit that old-school chivalry is one of the most attractive traits of a person and when it comes to a relationship it can beautifully bring out the respect and adoration you have for your partner. Remembering the olden days when you went out together, dressed in your best, grabbing the arm of your partner, slow dancing to Killing Me Softly in front of a fireplace? If you love to recreate that experience coupled with an after-date barefoot stroll along the park means that you respect the foundation of your love and have enormous respect for the foundation that brought you both together. You understand that your relationship has turned out to be a strong one because you laid its foundation right and want to maintain that old-school charm in your relationship. Thereby, “forever” is where you are steering your relationship to.

5. Gifting each other a book on Christmas eve

If you give books to each other on Christmas eve it means that you have acceptance for each other’s opinions and values. While you and your partner are a team, you know that it does not mean that you should try to change who they are. In fact, you respect them even more for their choices and attributes and their individuality adds variety and thrill to your relationship. It could also mean that you turn to them for their opinions and advice when you are facing a personal or professional crisis.

6. Involving in prayers and services

Charity not only has a positive impact on society but it also helps you maintain emotion and empathy in the relationship. Needless to mention, prayers bring peace and joy to anyone being true and honest. If you love to have a quiet prayer meet at home or attend the prayer at church together and spend a few moments in silence, it means you want to retain the spiritual aspect of your relationship. You understand that there is a divine guide that watches over all of us and you want to seek out love and prosperity through divinity. Volunteering together, on the other hand, means that you to create a positive impact on the society together and you are empathetic towards others. This also means that you are sensitive and emotional in the relationship and understand each other pains. You never shy away from expressing your true emotions to your partner and allow them to heal you.

7. Cooking and baking together

They say you can learn a lot about a person by how they act in the kitchen. And if you and your partner have managed to strike a balance and work together in the kitchen without getting on each other’s nerves, then you’ve certainly reached a point of great understanding in your relationship. You’re all about the teamwork. He chops, you saute. He peels, you bake. He loads the dishwasher, you wipe the dishes clean and stack them back in the cupboard. Cooking together is a way for you to spend time with each other and understand each other’s rhythms better, and one of the many ways you do it is to cook a grand Christmas feast for your loved ones. Or even bake a cake together. As a couple, you both are generous souls who have room in your hearts for all your family and friends and will always be the ones they turn to when in need.


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