Fun Quiz: Your Favorite Female Celebrity Reveals What Kind of Strong Woman You Are

Fun Quiz: Your Favorite Female Celebrity Reveals What Kind of Strong Woman You Are
Fun Quiz: Your Favorite Female Celebrity Reveals What Kind of Strong Woman You Are

Celebrities are a part of our life thanks to the movies or TV shows we watch. Some actresses and celebrities just stand out from the rest because of who they are as a person. Their bold choices make them some of the most independent and powerful women to have lived. They give to the world and fiercely protect their family as well. They are people many of us have idolized and who our favorite is can tell us a lot about ourselves as women.

Pick your favorite to know what kind of woman you are:

1. Sandra Bullock

You are the person who gets the party started. You are fun, lighthearted, and always have a smile on your face. While you have had your fair share of ups and downs, you don’t get bogged down by them. You only want to improve as a person and one of those ways is by helping people. You don’t care if anyone recognizes your contribution or not though. You are not doing it for fame. You are an independent woman who knows how to get what you want.

Being there for your family is a priority for you and everything you do is for them, just like Sandra Bullock who was a fierce mom even when her heart was broken.

2. Jennifer Aniston

You are the sweet, charming, and funny woman everyone wishes they were friends with. You are not afraid of showing your vulnerable side to your loved ones. They love you for being a thoughtful and caring person who makes their life better. You know how to let your hair down but also go after your dreams just like Aniston. You are prepared to make the tough choices for making your dreams come true, even if people judge you for it, like they did Aniston for her personal choices. You are not afraid of the world and are ready to take anyone head-on.

3. Princess Diana

You are sugar and spice rolled in one person. You know how to pack punches and be caring at the same time. People look up to you for your fashion choices since you have a fine eye for everything nice similar to the princess. However, there is a lot more to you. You are a powerful person, who makes their own choices and commands respect. You make your own path and that includes helping people. You use your influence for doing good in the world. And before anything else, it is your family that takes precedence in your life. Diana was always a mom first and everything else later, and you are just like her.

4. Julia Roberts

You have a strong presence and people might even be intimidated by you. But once they get to know you, they realize how caring you are. However, it is not easy to get into your close circle as you are an extremely private person. You prefer spending some quiet time indoors than go out to busy restaurants like the Erin Brokovich actress. Like her, who took her family along while shooting for Eat, Pray, Love, in far off countries, you want your family with you wherever you go. While you do know how to have fun once in a while, it is more important to you that your family is taken care of.

5. Oprah Winfrey

You are strong, empathetic, and the person everyone goes to for advice. You are a good listener just like the talk show host of the wildly famous The Oprah Winfrey Show and people want to talk to you. Like her, you know how to ease people into talking about the most difficult things. People prize your presence in their life because of how thoughtful and sensitive you are. You don’t just want to help those close to you but also the people of the world. If there is any community work that needs to be done, you’re the first one to get ready for it. You are a good leader who knows how to rally people and organize them. You constantly push your comfort zones to make things possible.

6. Meghan Markle

You are a modern woman, who doesn’t like labels. Like Meghan, you defy norms and instead of doing what you are told to, you have carved your own identity even though others might not approve. You are empathetic, loyal, and sensitive. Your family, humanitarian work, and a love for fashion define who you are. You don’t pretend in front of anyone to please them; instead, you show all of you to those around you. You are honest and real with those close to you. With you, they will get what they see as you express your thoughts unfiltered.

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