Father Forces Teenage Daughter To Chop Her Hair Off After Ex-Wife Gets Her Highlights For Her Birthday

Father Forces Teenage Daughter To Chop Her Hair Off After Ex-Wife Gets Her Highlights For Her Birthday
Father Forces Teenage Daughter To Chop Her Hair Off After Ex-Wife Gets Her Highlights For Her Birthday

Most children eagerly look forward to their birthday with the excitement of turning a year older and to celebrate a day that’s all about them. But not all of them get the celebration that they wish for.

Kelsey, a young girl for Ohio was looking forward to getting highlights for her milestone birthday as she would officially be a teenager. And her mother, Christin Johnson, was more than happy to get them for her daughter. After Christin got her daughter the blonde highlights, the 13-year-old was back home with her father, Schaffen Frederick and stepmother,  Sarah Murray, as reported by the Daily Mail.

But the next time Kelsey met her mother, the young girl was crushed. Her father and stepmother had forced her to chop all her hair off as punishment, and it was far shorter than what it originally was. In a post that Christin posted on Facebook, Kelsey can be seen hiding her face after her lush hair was forcibly cut off.

“This is what my daughter looked like Sunday when I took her home,” Christin posted in February 2018 on Facebook, “and the other two pics is what happened today before she was brought to me… all over me having highlights put in her hair for her birthday!”

Understanding how traumatic such incidents can be on a child, investigations were undertaken to find out whether there was any possibility of child abuse at the hands of Kelsey’s father and stepmother, who are both volunteer firefighters, as reported by Fox 4.

“I’ve been doing this since ’92 and I’ve never had a case I would say that’s like this,” said Haskins Police Chief Colby Carroll. “Mom was upset with how her child was being cared for — lack of better terms.”

A few days after Kelsey was left heartbroken over what her father and stepmother did, she received a new makeover and Christin was glad to see the smile back on her daughter’s face. “I’d like to thank the ladies at Lady Jane’s on Glendale in Toledo, OH for making my baby feel more like herself! Especially Haylee Ann for taking her to pick out her new hair,” Christin wrote.

“She got her smile back because of you ladies and your selfless acts of kindness! We truly appreciate you ladies so much! Haylee, you are the best God mother to Kelsey and the bond you two share is incredible, we love you so much!”

Ever since Kelsey’s story was shared, the young girl has received an outpour of love after she was treated unfairly. “As most of you know, our Kelsey went through a traumatic event on wednesday January 31,” said Kelsey’s aunt, Kelly Johnson, who set up a GoFundMe page for her. “We posted it on Facebook, with Kelsey’s blessing, for many reasons that we cannot discuss as the case is ongoing. Most who have found out about what happened to Kelsey wanted to help Kelsey begin to heal and make this transformation easier. The outpouring of love has been felt and we cannot thank you enough. Kelsey has read through some of your loving messages and knows she’s not in this alone.”

Kelly shared how the teenage girl had moved out of her father’s house and is now “surrounded by her mom, gramma, aunt, siblings also cousins and friends”.

But because she left most of her things behind at her father’s house, the aunt requested people to reach out and donate if they can, so that Christin can meet all of her daughter’s needs. While the target for donations was set to $1,000, the donations exceeded the goal after people read what happened to Kelsey and their hearts reach out to her. And they were able to donate $3,758 so that Kelsey can put things behind and move forward.




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