Family’s Absurd Attempts To Get Six Clueless Kids To Smile For The Christmas Photo “Is Only Getting Weirder”

Family's Absurd Attempts To Get Six Clueless Kids To Smile For The Christmas Photo
Family's Absurd Attempts To Get Six Clueless Kids To Smile For The Christmas Photo "Is Only Getting Weirder"

Christmas traditions usually include the family getting together to set up the tree, cook some amazing food, exchange gifts and have a jolly time. However, there is one more activity that probably many of you partake in — taking Christmas photos for the holiday card. After all, it’s essential to capture those moments of happiness and love when everyone can finally kick back, relax and deepen the bond with their family and friends.

So taking the photos should be easy especially of loved ones smiling, right? For many people, it might be! However, working with children on that job is a lot harder than one might think. For the Troyer family, getting a smile out of six tiny tots all at the same time can be difficult. It’s why they have to resort to some of the wackiest ways to capture a Christmas photo of the youngest members. And their attempts have gone viral!


It all started during Thanksgiving 2018. The Troyer family was gathered for the holiday at Newburgh, Indiana, home of Carrye Daum, whose mother was on a “mission to line up all her grandchildren in a row for a Christmas photo,” reported ABC News. “My parents are Ted and Brenda Troyer, and I am the oldest of their five daughters,” the mother told Good Morning America. “We range in age from 33 down to 22.”


“We line up the kids at Thanksgiving every year for my mom’s Christmas card picture,” Carrye, mom to two of the children in the photo, told the news outlet. “She currently has six grandchildren and has made it a tradition to buy them matching Christmas PJs, line them up, and get a good photo for her Christmas card.”

But trying to get those kids to smile proved to be the toughest task of the night both years. The first time, the family tried clapping and making high-pitched noises to get the little ones to pose for the camera. And it worked… to some degree at least.

However, during the 2019 session of the same, the same tactics proved to be useless. And in the words of Mary Dy, aunt of the six kids, it’s “only getting weirder.”

“This year, we couldn’t get the kids to look the same direction so we grabbed our Halloween costumes out of the basement,” Carrye said. “I am the unicorn and my sister Jenny Stockburger is the gorilla.”

With the adults trying their hardest, it was the two youngest sisters, Mary and Cathy Troyer, who “took the opportunity to film us instead and make fun of us. No one knew that they were doing that,” Carrye said. Well, we’re really glad they did because it certainly gave us a good laugh. The result of these attempts is posted on the TriState Homepage.

Well, here’s to wishing the Troyer family a Merry Christmas and for the little ones, a memory to enjoy years down the line.



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