Dog Chapman and Daughter Pay Emotional Tribute to Beth Chapman For Her 52nd Birth Anniversary

Dog Chapman and Daughter Pay Emotional Tribute to Beth Chapman For Her 52nd Birth Anniversary
Dog Chapman and Daughter Pay Emotional Tribute to Beth Chapman For Her 52nd Birth Anniversary

If Dog the Bounty Hunter star Beth Chapman were still alive today, October 29 would have been a day of great joy as she would have celebrated her 52nd birthday with her family. However, on June 26, 2019 she lost the long-drawn battle with cancer and her husband, Duane “Dog” Chapman and her kids had to tearfully bid goodbye to her. Though she’s not here any longer, that doesn’t mean she isn’t remembered. And the Chapmans knew just how to show that she is still loved and remembered.

According to People, the Dog’s Most Wanted star, 66, celebrated his late wife’s birth anniversary by reposting two Instagram posts on his own account. In the first post, it was a video montage of Beth in clips from their reality television series. At the start of the video, Duane can be heard saying, “This one’s for you, Beth” before stating “Listen, I love my job but I love you more” to her towards the end of the video. In his caption, he wrote, “There will never be another like you. Happy birthday Beth! We ❤️you!”

The second Instagram post was a re-post from Beth’s own account — an image of the couple embracing as Duane leaned in to kiss her cheek. The late reality TV star had captioned it, “Sooooo in love with this guy !”

According to Fox News 35, a source spoke to TMZ stating that the day was extremely difficult for Duane. “He spent the entire time indoors going through photos of Beth and himself,” the insider revealed. “It was a tear-filled day. He called their children and many of Beth’s friends to reminisce and talk about the positive impact she had on their lives.”

And he truly believes that he will never find another woman like her as he stated that while he may be open to dating, he would never marry another woman. It’s really not been easy for him since her death. “When your spouse dies, as a man, I mean as me, so generally probably everybody, you’re released from that obligation of being married,” the bounty hunter and reality star told People Now. “So your mind and you go crazy. And then after a while, you realize that never will no one ever love me as much as she did. And I will probably never love anyone else as much as I loved her.”

But he isn’t the only one who loved her intensely. Their daughter Bonnie too feels the loss of her mother deeply. According to EOnline, on her mother’s birthday, the 20-year-old took to Instagram to pay tribute to her. She put up multiple pictures of her mother and her with the caption, “I miss you everyday. Your birthday is coming up, wish I could celebrate with you one last time. Thank you for being there for my graduation, now I’m so thankful I have that moment with you.”

Well, Beth Chapman, the brave woman who fought against stage four throat cancer for the third time, till her dying breath, happy birthday! You will always be remembered. R.I.P.



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