Daycare Teacher Sends A Fat-Shaming Note To Mom Of 5YO Son Saying, “Put Him On A Diet & ‘Go Away'”

Daycare Teacher Sends A Fat-Shaming Note To Mom Of 5YO Son Saying,
Daycare Teacher Sends A Fat-Shaming Note To Mom Of 5YO Son Saying, "Put Him On A Diet & 'Go Away'"

Growing up, every child needs love, care and a boost of confidence from their parents and teachers. While it is perfectly ok to help a child make wise choices, shaming them however is not the right way to do it. A Texas mother was supportive of her little son. But she was shocked by a note that was left in her son’s lunch box by his daycare teacher.

According to People, Francesca Easdon’s son Kyler was sent to his daycare with a sweet note from her. The loving mother wrote a heartfelt note that read, “Please tell Kyler that his mommy loves him so much and I’m thinking about him 🙂 Thank you!”

However, when her 5-year-old son returned from the Rocking Horse Day Care Center in Kingwood, there was an additional message added to her letter. “I sent this note in Kyler’s lunchbox, thinking that it would make him smile at lunch time, but instead, I received this in return from one of the teachers!” wrote the concerned mother on Facebook.

The note said, “No! Put him on a diet and GO AWAY!” The note shocked Easdon. “It took a minute to register, what I even saw and I just kept re-reading it and I just stood there for a minute,” said the mother to KTRK.

She even informed that her son had been going to the same daycare for the past three years. “Of course I was absolutely livid and immediately reached out to the school. First thing this morning I was at the school waiting on the director with my mother in law for a meeting,” wrote the mother on the post.

On meeting with the director of the institution, she was told that the incident was under investigation. However, she said they showed no remorse. “The teacher that wrote this note confessed while I was at work and was fired, but nothing has been done about the other situations. Zero remorse for their actions. I am disgusted that I put my trust in these people to care for my child and this is what I get in return,” said the woman on Facebook.

The mother said that her little boy was a picky eater and she has had discussions with the school on his diet in the past. However, she never expected them to shame her son. “I’m just helping him make healthier choices. Instead of his school being supportive I am in absolute shock at what happened,’ said Easdon.

Frustrated by the event, Easdon enrolled her son into another facility. “I have removed Kyler from this daycare (Rocking Horse Kingwood) and am enrolling him in a beautiful new facility. I’m worried about the higher cost but I will make it work, no matter what I have to do. Kyler’s safety and level of care comes first,” said the mother. She ended the Facebook post by asking other parents to closely look into the daycares they send their children to.

People reported that a spokesperson for Rocking Horse called the employee’s action an “absolute disgrace.” They also told the news outlet that the female employee responsible for the incident was fired.



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