Court Orders Woman To Pay Cheating Husband $7,500 After He Abandons Her & Kids | She Gets Revenge By Showing What He Deserves

Court Orders Woman To Pay Cheating Husband $7,500 After He Abandons Her & Kids | She Gets Revenge By Showing What He Deserves
Court Orders Woman To Pay Cheating Husband $7,500 After He Abandons Her & Kids | She Gets Revenge By Showing What He Deserves

It was her husband who walked out on their marriage, left her behind with their two children, and broke the promise of loving her for the rest of their lives. But it was the wife who had the last laugh at the end of it all.

On her wedding day in 2015, Brandi Lee thought she was marrying the man she would spend the rest of her life with. What she didn’t know at the time was that attending her wedding was the very woman that her husband was cheating on her with.

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In a post that went viral and was later taken down, Brandi wrote, “So a man that I was married too, bless his heart, decided to do me the biggest favor of my LIFE & slept with not only his own FRIENDS wife, but a woman who has sat down & had a meal with my children, the woman who attended my WEDDING & watched me hold hands & look into the eyes of the man I loved & promised him my forever all while knowing damn well they were sleeping together!” as reported by Daily Mail.

The mother of two from Pennsylvania had busted their affair and was heartbroken to know that her husband was cheating on her, eventually finding herself in a divorce court. But she refused to wallow in misery for long and gave her husband an answer for having turned his back on their marriage.

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“For some god awful reason I was ordered to pay HIM $7,500 for cheating on me” and walking out on “our 2 beautiful babies, our dream home & our happily ever after marriage,” Brandi wrote.

“It is what it is…” Brandi realized. And she decided she would do as the court ordered. But since there was no mention of how she should pay the amount, she decided to do it on her own terms and pay the entire amount, $7,500 in dimes. And when the women working at her bank found out what he had done, they were happy to oblige.

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“$7,500 weighs around 350lbs if anyone is curious. Anyways! So I went to our local bank, told them my story & you guessed it, those beautiful little ladies at our back we’re MORE THEN HAPPY to not only assist but to support me in my payment plan,” Brandi wrote. “I just wanted to prove a point that you probably should watch pissing off a redhead &&&& that what ever lucky gal he ends up with next, bless her heart, he thinks with the right head this time. Another little kicker, our local bank will not accept change unless it is rolled…… soooooo here we go!!!!!”

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This means that to lodge the money, her cheating ex-husband would have to manually wrap the dimes by himself. While Brandi may have enjoyed her own little payback, what she hopes is that her ex-husband will remember how difficult it has been for her and her kids after he broke all his promises and abandoned them.

She ended her post by saying, “So, hubby… While you’re sitting at home rolling your dimes. Maybe you can take some time out & think about how difficult MY life has been since abandoning me with two little babies, two farms to take care of & pulling you’re income out of this family, but not taking any of the bills with you. How difficult it’s been for your two kids since you’re not around & think about how much I loved you & how you blatantly lied when you looked into my eyes & promised me forever.”

Later, she even joked about earning the money back and wrote, “My coworkers [are] raising my money back!”

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