Carrie Underwood Believes “There Is A Heaven” And Sings About How Everyone Who’s Lost A Loved One Will Reunite With Them

Carrie Underwood Believes
Carrie Underwood Believes "There Is A Heaven" And Sings About How Everyone Who's Lost A Loved One Will Reunite With Them

When you lose someone you love so dearly, you may ache until you find some sort of comfort to ease your heavy heart. Sometimes, you find that comfort in the pages of a book; sometimes, it’s in the arms of a friend; and sometimes it’s in the hopeful words that come with a touching melody.

A few years ago, Carrie Underwood sat down with two of her friends, Hillary Lindsey and David Hodges, and together they wrote three songs, one of which is titled See You Again. Layered in the words of the song is the strong hope that someday, people will reunite with their lost loved ones.

“It just takes a positive spin on moving on out of this life, on death,” Underwood said in a video. “And it’s not the end. In my mind and in my faith and in what I believe, there is a Heaven, there is a God. And we’re gonna be there someday.”

While it’s heartbreaking to lose someone, people who are grieving could find some solace in knowing that they will someday see them again. The award-winning country singer went on to say, as quoted by Taste of Country, “Of course, it’s very sad to lose someone on Earth. But having that faith that you’re going to see them again is such an amazing thing, such a comforting thing, such a happy thing.”

After the song featured on her album, Blown Away, Underwood eventually realized how See You Again “tells different stories to different people.”

“It often means something different to each person who hears it,” she wrote for Time. “To many, it’s a song about moving on after the death of a loved one — about wanting to see that person again, and knowing that eventually, they will. But I never dreamed that so many would relate to it in such a powerful way.”

She started hearing and reading about stories from people who were away from their loved ones, especially families who had their loved ones deployed. “I guess, somehow, hearing that song helped them see the light at the end of the tunnel, and they could keep on smiling, knowing that their loved one would soon be home,” the American Idol winner wrote. “Some of the stories, however, wouldn’t have such a happy ending.”

Along the way, she met a brave girl and her mother, who lost the most important man in their life while he was serving the country. After their family lost a husband and father, Underwood met the mother and daughter at one of her concerts. “Although I’m sure going to a concert doesn’t fix any problems or heal any wounds, it can take one’s mind a few steps away from terrible things that are weighing heavily on the heart,” Underwood said. “I wanted to meet this young lady and her mother, so we arranged for that to happen. The mother told me the story that I already knew, and told me how much See You Again meant to them.”

While there isn’t anything that can completely take the pain of their loss away, the words were still able to ease the pain and strengthen their belief that they would see him again.

“I could tell that they both had amazing faith that the most important man in their lives was looking down on them and waiting for them. I guess hearing it in a song solidified that belief a little more,” Underwood added. “..I am still amazed at how strong they both were. They might have found a little comfort in one of my songs. But because of their story and the many others like it that I have heard since, I’ll never sing that song the same way again.”



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