Bon Jovi’s 30-Year Marriage Reveals How High School Romances Can Turn Into Love That Lasts A Lifetime

Bon Jovi's 30-Year Marriage Reveals How High School Romances Can Turn Into Love That Lasts A Lifetime
Bon Jovi's 30-Year Marriage Reveals How High School Romances Can Turn Into Love That Lasts A Lifetime

It didn’t matter to him what the world thought or how it would affect his career. About thirty years ago, the one thing that Jon Bon Jovi was sure about was that he loved Dorothea Hurley and wanted to marry her. Now, he’s able to say, “I feel 10 times better today than when we did it back then. Looking back on it, the marriage was the greatest deal I ever made.”

The high school sweethearts met in history class all the way back in 1980, when they were just 18 years old. “It started with just trying to look over her shoulder at test answers, to making small talk,” he said, as reported by Fame10.

They eventually started dating and they made their way past all the bumps in the road. In 1989, when Bon Jovi’s band had the number 1 album and the number 1 single, he spontaneously suggested to Dorothea Hurley that they elope while they were in their hotel. “I pulled the curtain back in my room, and there’s a billboard of me staring right back,” he said, according to Best Life. “I turned to Dorothea and said, ‘I got an idea. Why don’t we go right now?’ She said, ‘You’re out of your mind.’ I said, ‘Come on. What’s better than this, right now, this moment?’”

“We ran off to Las Vegas. Didn’t tell a soul. We took a little shuttle plane, jumped in a cab, and didn’t even stay the night. The cab driver was the witness.”

When they returned and the news blew up, most people around them didn’t approve. “When I came back from Vegas my manager was furious. He was like, ‘America’s boy is now married? That’s not a good career move,'” he said, according to Express.

They knew that what they had was beautiful, even though people tried to take the moment away from them. “America wasn’t happy on that Monday when they found out about the wedding and a lot of people tried to ruin a beautiful thing. They tried to cheat us out of that moment,” he said.

That was the beginning of what became their happy marriage of 30 years and they have seen each other through so much. “Somehow it works,” Dorothea Hurley told People. “I think because we grow at the same rate. We grew equally and not in opposite directions.”

As he gushed about his wife, whom he raised four children with, he said, “She is the rock of my family, my career, my being. I’m grateful for someone in my life like that whom I can love and trust.”

For the rockstar, his wife is the one who helps him “keep it together”. “She’s the glue,” Bon Jovi said. “I’m the crazy visionary with all kinds of things flying, and the seams are all splitting. She’s the one following me with the glue and the thread and needle, keeping it all together.”

Much like any other caring man in love, Bon Jovi can never hide his affection for his wife, especially not in his songs. He told the New York Post, “She’s the muse for all the syrupy ballads I write. It’s obvious. I try to relate it with out being too saccharine. Yeah, it definitely comes out in the songs.”

This is no different even when it comes to his daughter, Stephanie Rosie, who inspired him to write the song, “I’ve Got the Girl.” During his Las Vegas concert in 2017, Rosie joined him on-stage just as the band started playing the son and danced with her dad to it.

“Everybody’s got a little girl in their life,” Bon Jovi, 54, said halfway through the song. “Their daughter, their girlfriend, their wife, their mamma — it all goes by so fast. And they start out as little bitty babies and their future’s looking bright. And I wrote this song for that little baby, who’s now not such a little baby anymore.”

Throughout his life, the iconic star from rock ‘n’ roll has been called a number of things. But there is one name that Jon Bon Jovi never thought he would get, but he gladly accepts it. He said, “Somehow I became the poster boy for a long married rock star. But I’ll accept the mantle because I’m so happy.”



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