After Her Daughter Died Of Cancer, Loving Mother Attends Prom To Honor Her Little Girl’s Last Wish

After Her Daughter Died Of Cancer, Loving Mother Attends Prom To Honor Her Little Girl's Last Wish
After Her Daughter Died Of Cancer, Loving Mother Attends Prom To Honor Her Little Girl's Last Wish

Some people are so important that even after their death, they are alive in our hearts. 14-year-old Daisy was one such beautiful person. Much like most teenagers, she too dreamt of prom night with the corsages, gowns, and dancing. Unfortunately, she was never able to attend prom night because of her illness.

According to Wales Online, Daisy Wyatt suffered from a rare form of bone cancer and was told in January 2017 that it was incurable. Her mom, Sarah Griffiths saw her beautiful teenage daughter becoming painfully thin, her health deteriorating with every passing day. Despite all the harsh chemo and other treatments, doctors declared that her cancer was incurable. “I knew there wasn’t a cure, so I started thinking about everything and had to prepare myself that she wasn’t going to be here forever,” said the 44-year-old mom to Wales Online.

The innocent teen who came to know that her days were numbered told her mother on her death bed that she was not yet ready to leave behind her world. According to BBC, one of her last wishes to go to prom and see her brothers grow up. She said, “Mam, I’m not ready to go. I want to go to prom and see my brothers grow up.”

After her Easter vacation with family, the teenager passed away on May 1, 2017. She was just 14 years old.

Daisy studied at the Islwyn High School in Blackwood. The school wanted to honor Daisy invited her mother Sarah for the prom. “When Daisy’s best friend said: ‘Sarah, would you like to come to prom?’, I never expected it in a million years. I said how do you feel and she said we wouldn’t want to do it without you,” said Sarah.

Sarah dressed in a gold ballgown went to the event because she knew her daughter wanted to be there. “But I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Knowing my little girl should have been there, it’s just an honor. It will be an absolute privilege to be there,” said Sarah.

Though the event was emotional and left her feeling bittersweet, she felt honored to see her child’s classmates wearing bands that had the picture of Daisy.  “But it’s an honor that they [the school] think so much of me to invite me. They just make me feel really welcome. Daisy will never be forgotten,” said Sarah.

The heartbroken mother wants to remain tough for her daughter. She wants everyone to remember her daughter who touched lives. “People say on the outside I look strong, but I’m just absolutely broken on the inside,” said Sarah to Wales online. Sarah has dedicated to doing things that will keep the memories of her daughter alive. She has started a Daisy Day for schools in Caerphilly and also raised money for a charity that paid for her daughter’s carriage. “She was so beautiful and perfect that I’ll carry on keeping her memory alive as long as I can,” said Sarah.



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