A Young Woman Wore Her Wedding Dress To The Cemetery To Visit Her Fiance On The Day That Was Supposed To Have Been Their Wedding

A Young Woman Wore Her Wedding Dress To The Cemetery To Visit Her Fiance On The Day That Was Supposed To Have Been Their Wedding
A Young Woman Wore Her Wedding Dress To The Cemetery To Visit Her Fiance On The Day That Was Supposed To Have Been Their Wedding

There’s very little that can cure the hurt of losing someone close to your heart, more so if it is someone you have planned to spend the rest of your life with. While some choose to distract themselves from the pain by getting busy with work, others try to find ways to keep their memory alive.

There are also a few who are strong enough to acknowledge the loss in their own unique way. And a young woman grieving the death of her fiancé who found a special way to do just that.

Jessica Padgett decided to have a photoshoot in the memory of her late fiancé by commemorating what would have been their wedding day. What makes it heartbreaking is that she did this by wearing her wedding gown to his grave. A report by the Independent confirms.

The photos capture every moment from her getting ready up to the moment she kneeled down at her fiancé’s tombstone on September 29.

Jessica Padgett lost her fiancé Kendall James Murphy, a firefighter in Montgomery, Indiana, in November 2017. Murphy was the victim of a tragic car accident which is said to have been caused by his colleague, Colby Blake.

Both the colleagues were responding to a call, where Murphy had already arrived at the scene in his own car. When he was collecting his protective gear from the vehicle, Blake, who is said to have been driving under influence, crashed into his car. The 27-year-old was killed on the spot.

Blake was injured during the accident, however, he allegedly had the alcohol level of .21 percent in his bloodstream, while the actual legal limit is .08 percent.

Murphy’s sudden death left his family and friends in shock, more so for Padgett who had been planning her future with her fiancé in mind. 10 months after the tragic loss, she decided to don her wedding dress on the day she had planned to wear it, and braved the occasion in his honor.

Needless to say, it was an emotional day for the grieving young woman and those close to Murphy. And the photos by Love Life Photography capture it as well as one could.

On September 29, Padgett donned her wedding gown, was helped with her hair and makeup and prepared herself to visit her fiancé’s tombstone.

She showed strength and courage during an unbearable time, holding her head high, which not many can stand up to. The bride made “broken look beautiful” and “strength look invisible”. Her family and friends supported her decision and guided her through the tough day. It turned into a beautiful occasion honoring the memory of the 27-year-old late firefighter.

Padgett’s day was complete as it turned to be exactly the way she pictured it and a day she wouldn’t forget. Her sister was her constant support helping Jessica make it through the day without breaking down. The special day was also said to have speeches formed by Jessica’s maid of honor and her late fiancé’s best man.

“I especially want to thank my sister for being my rock throughout everything, through the tears and the late night talks I couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you, everyone, for making my wedding day special even though I didn’t get to marry the man of my dreams,” Jessica said, expressing her love for her family.

Every picture captured by Loving Life Photography showed the powerful bond that the couple shared and the support Padgett had from her family and friends. One particular picture moved people, where she was holding her fiancé’s boots, with a picture of him photoshopped next to her.

Pictures of Jessica and her family embracing, dressing up and celebrating the occasion, along with setting out lanterns into the sky were captured in the powerful photoshoot.

She expressed her gratitude through a Facebook post appreciating everyone who made the journey with her. “I can’t say thank you to everyone enough for this entire week!. I feel beyond spoiled and loved. This week wasn’t the outcome I wanted, but everyone made me feel especially loved.”

The  National Fallen Firefighters Association spoke of Murphy as a selfless man who devoted his love and time for his family and friends. “He had a true servant’s heart and captivating personality that would light up any room. His wittiness would make anyone laugh and have him making friends in no time. He didn’t know a stranger,” the firefighters and Murphy’s colleagues added.

Murphy’s memorial was attended by the Padgett family along with the National Fallen Firefighters Association in Emmitsburg, Maryland where the honored him and his life on October 7. Since the recklessness of one might have led to the death of another, Blake was arrested and charged for the incident that took place, however, the date of trial is yet to be set.

Jessica Padgett’s way of honoring the memory of her late fiancé’s memory is heartbreaking, and yet beautiful. The Facebook album by Love Life Photography has already been shared over 30,000 times and the responses are nothing but positive. After all, only a strong woman can brave the day as beautifully as Padgett did.

Disclaimer : This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently.


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