8 Things You Do That Show You’re a Strong Woman with a Gentle Heart

8 Things You Do That Show You're a Strong Woman with a Gentle Heart
8 Things You Do That Show You're a Strong Woman with a Gentle Heart

When others look at you, they see a woman of great strength who has fought every obstacle and come out a winner, albeit with a couple of scars. But it’s those scars that make you who you are. And it is those very scars that while proving your immense strength, also show that you have a gentle heart. Your ability to bounce back from intense situations doesn’t change the fact that kindness runs through your blood. In fact, you might not even realize it yourself because, for years, it’s just been a part of your nature.

1. You allow yourself to be the pillar of strength for your loved ones

8 Things You Do That Show You're a Strong Woman with a Gentle Heart
8 Things You Do That Show You’re a Strong Woman with a Gentle Heart

Seeing your friends in a tough spot affects you too. Which is why when they need someone to pour their heart out to, they come to you. They know that you’ll be there to help them through whatever hardship they’re going through. With a smile on your face, you absorb their pain. Sometimes, this can be a bad thing because you tend to go out of your way to make them happy at the risk of your own happiness.

2. You care about others more than yourself
You’re always concerned about the needs of others. After all, it’s one of the qualities of having a tender, warm heart. People find it easy to talk and connect with you because you make them comfortable. You also show them that they’re important – something that everyone likes to feel. However, that doesn’t mean that you forget to remember that you’re just as important. You are worth the same as the love you give your friends and family. And it’s why you still have a lot of fight in you.

3. You let yourself feel pain but don’t let it break you

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You aren’t immune to pain. There are days when some hurtful words or something as simple as a sad commercial can bring out the tears. But it doesn’t last for long. Being beaten down is unnatural for you because you understand that hope will get you through the toughest of situations. It’s because of this that even the toughest battles you’ve fought haven’t broken you, whether it’s in your personal life or professional. Even if you felt lost and like you were drowning, you never gave up.

4. You try to shoulder other people’s burden, even if you have your own to deal with
You could be having the biggest problems to deal with, but you would never let your loved ones deal with their own issue alone. You’re used to how heavy the burden is, so shouldering someone else’s isn’t a very big issue. To others, your empathy may come across as a weakness. But only you know the struggle to hold everyone up. You know that as long as it makes them happy, you’ll have the strength to take care of yourself and them.

5. You keep your pain to yourself so that others don’t have to feel it

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For all that you do to make others happy, unburdening yourself on them is counterproductive. So you deal with your pain on your own. Sometimes, it might feel like it’s too much even for you to handle. Sometimes you just want a loved one to hold you as you sob. Sometimes, you just want to be told everything will be okay. But you reign it all in and with your positive outlook, you push forward to solve your problems yourself. It’s also why others look up to you.

6. You choose to be honest, especially to those close to you
Caring for your family and friends is instinctive. And part of caring for them means being honest with them, even if it’s brutal. It’s just not like you to sit on the sidelines and watch them get hurt. You’re the person who is willing to take the risk and tell them what others feel like they can’t. You want them to be able to make well-informed decisions that will set them on the right path.

7. You support your friends and family in achieving their goals

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Where others might try to bring them down, you believe in lifting them up. Especially when you know they’ve got the potential and the ambition to achieve their dreams. Whether it’s helping your kids take up classes that will encourage their love for a subject or giving a friend a chance to start a business, you want the best for them. And if reaching their goals makes them happy, you’re all for it.

8. You stay strong even if you feel like giving up
Fortunately and unfortunately, you don’t have the freedom to give up. There are days you just want to drop everything and run away for some “me” time but then your gentle heart knows that you have the ability to continue standing upright. And so you push every negative thought out of your head and just keep pushing forward.

Your strength is an inspiration for those you love. It’s okay to sometimes want to let it all out. It doesn’t make you any less of a person because those who truly love you see your worth.


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