8 Signs Of An Extreme Narcissist In Your Life

8 Signs Of An Extreme Narcissist In Your Life
8 Signs Of An Extreme Narcissist In Your Life

Narcissists have an inflated sense of ego which always need to be fed with validation. They don’t see anyone as their equal and most definitely don’t deem anyone worth their time unless it benefits them. Narcissists see themselves as being superior to anyone who crosses their path. At the same time, they seek attention from people and won’t shy away from being their true self because they don’t identify themselves as narcissists. We think that anyone who puts themselves above others is a narcissist, however, their roots go much deeper.

These people are never truly happy with themselves and have deep rooted insecurities which get projected on people negatively. They believe that the world revolves around them and nothing and no one matters more. Narcissists get their strength from the validation and approval they receive from people. It keeps them happy knowing that people adore them, oblivious to the fact their behavior projects negatively to people who spend time with them.

8 Signs Of An Extreme Narcissist In Your Life
8 Signs Of An Extreme Narcissist In Your Life

Here are 8 clear signs that you’re face to face with an extreme narcissist.

1. They need to be constantly validated

Narcissists constantly seek to be reassured about themselves. Admiration from people fuels a narcissist to be the way they are without which they’ll find themselves being miserable. Even if you find them doing a good deed once in a blue moon, they expect to receive praise and admiration from people around them for their effort.

2. Everything is about them

Want to get a word edge-wise with a narcissist? Forget about it. The story is about them and no one can steal their spotlight. Narcissists believe in narrating everything and anything about them which puts them in people’s good books. They have the uncanny ability to make everything about themselves. They don’t miss a beat! Even you’ll find their voice drowning out after a period of time as they can’t stop talking.

3. They narrate their past on a loop

Narcissists always brag about their past and play their old stories on repeat for days on end. If you’ve not heard it once, you’ll hear it twice. They feel the need to put themselves on a pedestal and talk about their great life. They paint themselves in a positive light to gain attention from people and you know what, it almost always works in their favor.

4. Their reputation is everything to them

Narcissists thrive on being the best and they won’t settle for anything less. If they find their reputation being on the line, they’ll do everything to get back in everyone’s good books. Narcissists have an allure that draws people to them like a moth to a flame. Their reputation is everything to them and they’ll go to great lengths to maintain the inflated ego they’ve managed to keep their whole life.

5. They show a lack of empathy

Narcissists have zero compassion for people around them unless it’s to achieve something for their own benefit. A narcissist is the last person you should approach when you find yourself caught in a bad situation as they’ll find an excuse to avoid helping you. Narcissists always look to accomplish their goals first before considering anything else. Even when they’re wrong, they’ll be the last ones to choke out an apology.

6. People are like pawns in their game

Narcissists are master manipulators who see people as a resource to meet their needs and they’ll go to great lengths to make use of their generosity to achieve their goals. They seek to move forward in life even if it means trampling people in their path to reach there. They’ll come to you when they need something. However, once their needs are met, it’s the last you’ll see of them.

7. They constantly seek favors and don’t return any

You’ll almost always find them coming to you for some favor or another, whether it’s paying the bill for dinner or asking someone to lend them money. However, it’s not their style to repay the favor they once sought from you. If you’re looking for them to lend your hand, then you’re looking at the wrong place for help. Narcissists have a pattern that they follow, once you make out their routine it will be easier to cut them from your life.

8. They build one lie after another in their favor
Narcissists aren’t afraid to lie to accomplish their needs regardless of whether it’s a white lie or not. You’ll see them seamlessly building one story after another which will almost sound believable to your ears. They rely on their lies and storytelling talent to change the course of a story to their benefit. They lie to create a good perception of themselves in the eyes of other people. They may talk a good game but they mask their feelings of inadequacy with ease.


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