6 Ways Your Grandmother’s Wisdom Made You the Woman You Are

6 Ways Your Grandmother's Wisdom Made You the Woman You Are
6 Ways Your Grandmother's Wisdom Made You the Woman You Are

Most of us love visiting our grandmom’s, irrespective of our ages. She never fails to fascinate us with her tales and we never really grow up for her. But through her stories and way of life, she has taught us to be a better version of ourselves, to be tender yet strong at the same time.

6 Ways Your Grandmother's Wisdom Made You the Woman You Are
6 Ways Your Grandmother’s Wisdom Made You the Woman You Are

Her affection towards you showed that true love is unconditional
There is affection in everything she does for you. Even her worst days are not hard on the kids. It’s almost serene how she pours so much love in small things like cooking or feeding or sewing a sweater. There have been days when we didn’t reciprocate her love but she never stepped back, in fact, her love only got sweeter and fiercer. It’s our grandmothers who teach us to give love without any restrictions or conditions.

She taught you to be proud of who you are

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It’s her who emphasized that being proud of yourself should not be dependent on you trying to be someone else. In the simplest of ways, she has taught us to love the way we are and be proud of your true selves. She also showed that there is a certain divine confidence that comes with kindness. Being kind and compassionate generates self-love which not only replenishes our own being but also helps us walk in the world with our heads held high.

Her existence proves true beauty comes from a much deeper place

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Only your grandmother knows that true beauty has nothing to do with possessions or fancy materialism; it comes from a place of compassion and kindness that could never fade away. The reason you find her wrinkled smile beautiful is because of the kindness and compassion that she has for everything.

She emphasized on how a strong woman never tolerates disrespect

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At times, she might have annoyed you with her badass behavior and stubbornness but that only shows that she never allows people to disrespect her. While she could be the most tender person, she can also give it back when something causes a blow to her self-respect and dignity.

She taught you to pause and enjoy the little joys of life
Be it dirtying your hands in the kitchen or garden, she allows you to stop for a moment and cherish the beauties in life. She knows that the small things and little moments bring your true joy and happiness.

She carried herself with dignity and taught you that kind is classy
She proved that uplifting people and treating them with love and kindness is the indicator of true class. One can’t be superior by putting others down, a strong woman believes in dignifying others.

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