6 Ways of Getting over Someone who Isn’t into You

6 Ways of Getting over Someone who Isn’t into You
6 Ways of Getting over Someone who Isn’t into You

This is how you should learn to get over someone who isn’t into you.


This is how most of the infatuation ends. The person even stops thinking about you and you just keep waiting to hear from them. It’s easy to say that you’re over someone in front of others, but actually, it’s the most difficult thing to do.

6 Ways of Getting over Someone who Isn’t into You
6 Ways of Getting over Someone who Isn’t into You

Have you ever been in such a situation? Have you ever loved someone who was just not into you? Are you still struggling to get over him/her?

Well, forgetting them completely is not easy, but you can always get over your feelings.

Here are some hacks that help you move on in life.

1. Release your hope

The very first thing you need to do is to analyze the person’s behavior. If you think the person is absolutely not interested in you, then, it better to give up.

Being pushy over anything is a not a good idea. Giving up on something you really want is frightening. This is why your mind keeps on making assumptions and drawing out ideas of you being together.

Motivate yourself to let go of. Try to deviate your mind into something else every time you find yourself thinking about the person. Clear your closet and get rid of the things that remind you of the deep rooted desires.

2. Meet someone new
Some crushes are meant to be forgotten, but they can be replaced by someone else. The problem arises when you cut yourself out of all the worldly pleasures.

You need to understand that it is not the end of the world. You can still meet someone, if not better, then, as good as that person was. Force yourself into meeting new people.

In the process, make sure that you don’t compare them with each other. Every individual has their own positives and negatives.

Consider these meetings as an opportunity to know someone. Do not expect too much from the person you are meeting. You may end up hitting the jackpot.

3. Stop thinking

How many times have you found yourself thinking about the person subconsciously? How many times have you talked about him/her referring to someone else?

This has got to stop at some point of time. If not instantly, then, gradually. Hold your thoughts and stop thinking what’s not possible. Don’t try to suppress the grieve as it comes naturally.

Let your emotions flow in the form of tears as the more you try to push it away, the more prevalent it will become. However, you should know when to stop. Do not let the emotions take a toll on your life.

4. Stay busy
Getting over someone is a lot harder than it appears to be, even if it’s a crush. The thoughts become out-of-control when you are sitting ideal.

The first few days are worst when you feel rejected. The best way to deal with these situations is to keep yourself as busy as possible. Stay in the company of close friends as they are the best person to show you a way out of this.

Indulge into some creative activities. Attend yoga sessions or get enrolled in music classes. You seem to spend more time in thinking about them.

Hence, Keeping your mind indulged in something is the best way to keep them away from your thoughts. Or else if you can invest some time just improving your personal style.

5. Avoid confrontation

While your heart constantly wishes to have a glimpse of the person, it is better to keep a distance away from them. Talking to a person may be your heartiest desire, but these confrontations are the biggest hindrance in the process of moving on.

Moreover, it is a practical advice as the best way to gain someone’s attention of is to avoid them. Avoid meeting the person, this is beneficial in the long run. Moreover, you never know, you may end up attracting their attention.

6. See the positives of being single
Falling in for someone means that you are single unless you are double crossing your partner. The desperation of “I can’t wait to be taken” makes it even more difficult to move.

Remind yourself about the positives of being single. The glitters of being with the person are blinding you, but the single-hood has got its own charm.

Think of the reasons and try to convince yourself about why it is better to stay single instead of being in a relationship. Instead of grieving over what you don’t have, respect and enjoy the time of independence.

You can’t pick and choose whom to fall in love with. Neither can you make someone fall in love with you. So, it is better to respect each other’s feeling and move on in life.


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