6 Signs That Tell You May Have One of the Rarest Personality Types — INFJ

6 Signs That Tell You May Have One of the Rarest Personality Types — INFJ
6 Signs That Tell You May Have One of the Rarest Personality Types — INFJ

INFJ is one of the 16 personality types in the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), one of the most popular tools to understand a person’s personality. The MBTI was created by a mother and daughter duo, Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers, and is used for personality assessment, according to Verywellmind. It assesses people’s preferences in four categories: extroversion vs introversion, intuitive vs sensing, feeling vs thinking, and judging vs perceptive.

What makes you different as an INFJ? You focus primarily on introversion (I), intuition (N), feeling (F), and judging (J), which makes you one of the rarest personality types among the 16. Apart from being someone who values being honest with everyone, you are also a loyal friend who protects their friends. But there are many more qualities that make you stand out in the crowd.

1. You are intuitive

You’re someone who can see through others very easily. You can gauge someone’s personality minutes after you’ve met them. Your sharp intuition makes you sought after by friends and family for your insights into people. The level of intuition you have is a high one and you have probably been honing it subconsciously all your life. It acts as a guiding force behind most of your decisions in life. You are not always aware of why you feel a certain way about things, but usually, it is right.

2. You prefer authenticity

You are someone who prefers your relationships to be real and honest. You are the kind of person who loathes small talk and instead wants to delve into deeper truths of what makes a person tick from the start. You think that doing anything that is not authentic is like a waste of time. While you do indulge others in small talk from time to time, you are on a search for quality over quantity. Anyone who you think doesn’t have substance will lose your interest quickly.

3. You are an introvert

You are a true introvert but those close to you might find it hard to tell. Even strangers can’t tell at times because you can make those around you feel comfortable and are able to blend in with any social situation. You prefer hanging out with a bunch of friends privately but that doesn’t mean you shun large crowds or parties. You can attend events with a lot of people but that makes you exhausted quickly. Your ideal way to mingle is in a quiet setting with select few friends.

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4. You feel that you never fit in

Growing up, you never felt at home with others and probably loved entertaining yourself. Since there are so few INFJs, you might have had a hard time finding another one and that made you feel lonely. There are too few people who see the world as you do and that might have made it hard to relate to others. It might have led you to feel misunderstood by others over the years. However, that doesn’t take away from how others relate to you. Your interaction with others is usually warm.

5. You are empathetic

Since you are empathetic, others probably think that you are their closest friend. You understand others well and don’t judge them for being themselves. It’s not hard for you to figure out when someone is going through a hard time and you make sure that you are there for them. Compassion is just a part of who you are and it makes you a forgiving person as well. You can see through a person and know if they have had a hard life, which makes you understand them further and be supportive.

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6. You make others feel comfortable

Even if you felt that you don’t fit in, you never let others feel that way with you. You go out of your way to make others feel comfortable around you. Strangers have probably opened up to you because of the warmth and openness you exude. You probably didn’t know why people unburden themselves in front of you so often and your personality type might be an answer. You are most likely a great listener and people trust you to keep their secret.

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