6 Reasons Why Drinking Water as Soon as You Wake up May Be Good for the Body

6 Reasons Why Drinking Water as Soon as You Wake up May Be Good for the Body
6 Reasons Why Drinking Water as Soon as You Wake up May Be Good for the Body

It’s a well-known fact that drinking water is good for your system. From flushing your body of the impurities to boosting your energy, drinking the recommended dose of water every day can keep you healthy. Unfortunately, “People across our blue planet, at all ages, live their lives at levels of hydration significantly below what leading organizations recommend,” says Stephen Tamlin, acquisitions manager with a leading water purifier manufacturer.

Our body is made of 60% water, our blood 90% water and is a principal component of our body composition. Without water, all the functions in your body will start to shut down. When there is not enough water in your body, the dehydration will cause you to suffer from both short-term and long-term health complications.

6 Reasons Why Drinking Water as Soon as You Wake up May Be Good for the Body
6 Reasons Why Drinking Water as Soon as You Wake up May Be Good for the Body

In the short run, dehydration can make you feel tired and unable to focus whereas long-term dehydration can increase your risks of suffering from conditions like arthritis, migraines, hypertension, obesity, hemorrhoids, breast cancer, kidney stones, sinusitis, and uterine cancers.

“Think of water as a nutrient your body needs that is present in liquids, plain water, and foods. All of these are essential daily to replace the large amounts of water lost each day,” says Dr. Joan Koelemay, dietitian for the Beverage Institute, an industry group. Agreeing with him, nephrologist Dr. Steven Guest says, “Fluid losses occur continuously, from skin evaporation, breathing, urine, and stool, and these losses must be replaced daily for good health,” he says.

So what are the benefits of drinking water right after waking up?

1. Your metabolism gets a boost: One large glass of water right after waking up can shoot up your metabolism by 24% for 90 minutes. This will help you lose weight better, healthier and faster. A study shows that dehydration can actually cause your body to build up more body fat. So even if your body isn’t telling you that it’s thirsty, it probably is.

2. You feel less tired: Since water helps your blood transport oxygen and other important nutrients to different part of your body, drinking it right in the morning can make you feel more energized. So if you have enough water in your system, your heart doesn’t have to pump the blood very hard, thus saving you more energy. Also, your brain is made up of 75% of water. If it doesn’t get the right amount of water, it can leave you feeling fatigued.

3. It will flush out the impurities: “Your kidneys do an amazing job of cleansing and ridding your body of toxins as long as your intake of fluids is adequate”, according to Kenneth Ellner, an Atlanta-based dermatologist. Any toxic buildup that occurs during the night when your body is repairing itself will clear out when you drink water right after waking up. Both your liver and kidneys will be in a much better shape thus keeping the rest of your body healthy and glowing.

4. It’ll help you cut down on calories: Water on its own has no calories. But drinking it has a filling effect which will ensure that you feel less inclined to eat. A study showed that those who drank a glass of water before their meals lost about 4.5 pounds (around 2 kilograms) over a 3-month period. The reason is that it fills up the stomach with “a substance that has zero calories,” and people feel full as a result. So drinking water even after eating can prevent you from snacking before a meal.

5. It keeps your skin healthy: Since water removes the toxins from the blood, your blood becomes purer. As a result, your skin maintains a glow and remains healthy as well as clear. So drinking water in the morning is extremely beneficial but it’s important to keep in mind that hydrating throughout the day is also necessary.

6. It can boost your immune system: Drinking water after waking up will improve the efficiency of your lymphatic system which will, in turn, make your immune system stronger. This will help you fight off any infections and also reduce your stress.

Why is this method more effective?
This method is water therapy that originally came from the ancient Ayurvedic medicine. Known as the Usha Paana Chikitsa, it roughly translates to “early morning water treatment.” This treatment is known to completely cleanse the entire body, detoxify the colon and as a result, help food get absorbed more efficiently. However, through the ages, the practice phased out.

So before you make yourself a cup of coffee in the morning, make sure you chug a nice big glass of water!







Killer morning habit: Drink 16oz of water, right after you wake up



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