6 Reasons a Strong Woman Is Often Misunderstood Even by Her Own Loved Ones

6 Reasons a Strong Woman Is Often Misunderstood Even by Her Own Loved Ones
6 Reasons a Strong Woman Is Often Misunderstood Even by Her Own Loved Ones

Even our loved ones are normal people who have seen a limited amount of the world. Strong women are rare among the crowd and even those closest to them don’t know how to recognize the bright light they shine with. Strong women are awash with passion, energy, and confidence. They are always raring to go and get a piece of this thing called life, but are misunderstood as being too selfish. However, the best part of being a strong woman is that she doesn’t care about those who’s trying to force her to dim herself.

6 Reasons a Strong Woman Is Often Misunderstood Even by Her Own Loved Ones
6 Reasons a Strong Woman Is Often Misunderstood Even by Her Own Loved Ones

Here are some ways people misunderstand them:

1. She’s passionate but seen as intense
Passionate women put all of themselves into everything they do. Whether it’s their relationships, career, or any goals they’re all in. They do it with every ounce of strength in them and others might view this passion as too much to handle. When others don’t know what it feels like to put their 100% into whatever they get involved in, they don’t know how to appreciate it in others. However, a strong woman hardly cares about other people’s opinions of her and that clears her path forward.

2. She’s bold but labeled domineering
When a strong woman is surging ahead, unafraid in her journey, she knows exactly what she wants and she won’t be afraid of telling others that. When a woman is sure of her needs and wants and knows how to ask for it, people are taken aback. They are not comfortable with women so confident about themselves and instead label them as domineering. Instead of seeing them as the leaders they are, they see them as some kind of negative individuals. A strong woman might even be misunderstood by those who are close to her because they are probably unaware of how a confident woman behaves.

3. She loves herself but is viewed as selfish
A strong woman knows how to love herself even when she makes mistakes, even when she’s down in the dumps. She has accepted her flaws and is working on improving herself, but at no point does she stop believing in herself. Loving yourself takes a lot of time and energy so she doesn’t have time for frivolous relationships and random events. They want to be present for all the meaningful parts in the lives of those she loves. However, her absence from some events might be seen as her being selfish because they think “she’s too into herself”.

4. She’s independent but regarded as lonely
She has been taking care of herself for a long time but others think that a woman can’t be doing that without support from others. She chooses to keep good people in her life instead of having a massive social circle. Some see the lack of a multitude of people in her life as her being lonely. But really, all she wants is her closest friends and family with her. She doesn’t want to rely on others and pulls in no favors because she knows how to remain independent.

5. She’s not ashamed of showing emotions but is considered oversensitive
Just because she’s independent, it doesn’t mean she’s masculine and stoic. She embraces her emotions and femininity. She is all about expressing her emotions passionately because that is the only way to be authentic to your self. It is the only way to be honest with loved ones. Even her loved ones might think that her honest expressions make it seem like she has no emotional filter and lets everything out. They might feel that it makes her oversensitive, but the truth is that she is just in tune with her feelings better than others.

6. She’s confident but tagged as arrogant
Someone once said only you can be you since everyone else is taken. Strong women get the bad reputation of being arrogant simply because they have tons of confidence to be themselves and assert themselves. Any woman can become a strong woman when she stops hiding her real self and instead shows the world her quirks and idiosyncrasies. Strong women know not to bow down in the face of adversity and this is where their confidence shines through the most, even when others expect them to fail.

Disclaimer: This article is based on facts collated from different sources. The views expressed here are those of the writer.


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