5 Ways to Shut down Rude People Who Don’t Know When to Stop

5 Ways to Shut down Rude People Who Don't Know When to Stop
5 Ways to Shut down Rude People Who Don't Know When to Stop

We encounter people from all walks of life in our journey. With some, we gel well and with others, things turn sour whether we try to keep it peaceful or not. Some people take it too far by being visibly rude over and over again. As the person on the receiving end, there are multiple coping methods available to you. Some situations call for retorting back at them, while some need you to just walk away. Whichever path you chose, you will have to think carefully about what message you want to send.

5 Ways to Shut down Rude People Who Don't Know When to Stop
5 Ways to Shut down Rude People Who Don’t Know When to Stop

If you’re ever caught in a situation that unpleasant, this is what you can do:

1. Ignore, instead of dignifying it with an answer
If you don’t want to respond to the comment made by a rude person, you can just laugh it off. If that’s not up your alley then your comeback can be a witty joke or you can just walk away, says Psychology Today. Ignoring them works best because you are not giving them the attention they want. They might be looking for a reaction to rile you up further and it is best to not give in by not engaging. It is always important to ask if it’s worth losing your cool. Losing your equanimity may not be in the best interest in some situations.

2. Speak their language and shut them down
Sometimes, certain situations need desperate measures but that doesn’t mean you should stoop to their level. It is possible to respond back to people being rude with a similar response without getting petty. When the other person realizes that you are not a silent spectator, they are more likely to check themselves and take several steps back.

3. Confuse them with sarcasm
Witty comebacks are always a great way to put people in their place, especially when it’s not petty. When someone goes above and beyond to be horrible to others, they deserve an equally deserving response. You can always retort with a “That sounds weird coming from you” or “Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re saying. I don’t speak bullsh*t.” If the people are questioning your decision making by their behavior, you can respond with “Just so you know, this conversation is being recorded.”

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4. Kill them with kindness
When a person finds reasons to be mean to you, instead of ignoring them show them more kindness by coming up with a compliment. It might be very difficult to do this when what the person said or did is more than you can bear to tolerate. However, you can set an example by being the change. Instead of allowing the cycle of meanness to continue you can say something that makes them reconsider what they’re doing. For example, tell them, “Did I tell you that you look radiant today and I think it is your halo of kindness that’s doing the trick?” or “Are you having a bad day? It’s ok, tomorrow will be better.”

5. Call out their behavior
Firstly, take into account what they are saying and think about whether you want to engage or even if it is worth it because some people refuse to change no matter what. If you decide that this is not a waste of your time and energy, talk to the person one-on-one and tell them that their words are hurtful. If the person is persistently rude with you, it might be time to talk it out clearly and settle the matter once and for all. That person may not realize that they are being disrespectful. If that is the case, they may apologize. However, if they are the kind of person who doesn’t have “sorry” in their vocabulary, you need to avoid them completely.





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