5 Introverted Traits You Have That Most People Just Don’t Understand

5 Introverted Traits You Have That Most People Just Don't Understand
5 Introverted Traits You Have That Most People Just Don't Understand

Not everyone is a social butterfly or loves being around people. There are many who prefer to stay on their own – enjoying the time and space to themselves. It’s not that you dislike being around other people, you just feel more comfortable being alone with your thoughts and doing the things you like with no one around. Even if you’re in a relationship, there are many moments you just want to be by yourself knowing that if you really need someone, they’re there for you. But to others, there are some things they just don’t understand:

5 Introverted Traits You Have That Most People Just Don't Understand
5 Introverted Traits You Have That Most People Just Don’t Understand

1. You don’t make the first move, but you still mingle

Being in groups is taxing on your energy. And while you might enjoy socializing for a while (especially as you prepared yourself for it), you don’t necessarily feel like speaking up first. It takes too much out of you, especially as you’re already focussing on being amidst so many people. It’s not that you don’t want to socialize, but you’re uncomfortable making the first move in large groups. However, you do speak to people individually, especially if they strike up a conversation with you.

2. You don’t always voice your opinion, but you care
Of course, you have your own opinions. But you don’t see the need for voicing it out, until you’ve heard others out. You like to weigh your thoughts and words before presenting it to others. And even when you do voice out your opinion, you might not physically show how strongly you stand by what you’re saying. As you’re very internal about the way you function and also express yourself, you just feel it’s unnecessary pressure and energy spent to be very vociferous about it.

3. You aren’t always up for socializing because you need time alone to recharge

Others have this misconception that because you’re an introvert, not only are you socially awkward and shy but that you’re boring. It could not be farther from the truth. You use your alone time to recharge because when you are with the people you truly love, you enjoy having deep and lengthy conversations with them. And you aren’t shy. You just prefer to avoid meaningless interactions with others. You have a small circle of friends and family who really get you and having to put on a mask for others is extremely draining. You just want your loved ones to be patient as you regain your energy before you step out again after a few days.

4. You don’t like unexpected visitors because you don’t really have spare energy
You already have your day set up and having someone disrupt that can throw you for a loop. After all, you have put a lot of thought into just how you want your day to go. But having someone visit you unexpectedly can make you expend more energy than you had planned for and it all leads you back to needing to be alone to recharge. It isn’t that you don’t want your friends to visit, but you’d just prefer they called ahead so that you could plan your day accordingly.

5. You’re not actually bored, even if you look like it

Just because you’re an introvert doesn’t mean you don’t like to have fun. You’re just not jumping around having to show how much fun you’re having. And when you look like you’re “bored”, it’s not actual boredom. You just unconsciously go deep in your thoughts and you gain your enjoyment from there. With such a creative mind, it’s hard to focus on the outside world when there’s so much more going on inside your head. Even when you’re sitting still you could be having fun and the people you’re with wouldn’t know it.

This article is based on facts collated from different sources. The views expressed here are those of the writer.


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