5 Hidden Signs, Your Good Guy Is Actually Manipulating You

5 Hidden Signs, Your Good Guy Is Actually Manipulating You
5 Hidden Signs, Your Good Guy Is Actually Manipulating You

You think he is a good guy but actually he is manipulating you.

We live in a very complicated world. Some of us are too innocent; others are hypocrites or manipulative or cruel. The human psyche is very difficult to understand.

5 Hidden Signs, Your Good Guy Is Actually Manipulating You
5 Hidden Signs, Your Good Guy Is Actually Manipulating You

People who are innocent and simple are the ones who get betrayed and used by cunning human beings. Their innocence makes them vulnerable and others always try to take advantage of their simplicity.

Such threats not only come from known enemies but also from enemies in the guise of friends. It’s very hard to know how you can get manipulated by these people.

Manipulation comes in various ways and not just by winning hearts through sympathy. It hurts us when we see how we have been cheated by people we believed in. Simply gives a blow to our faith in people; just becomes difficult to trust others.

The worst scenario is when this comes from the person we love most, our partners. How can you be so sure that the ‘Nice-Guy’ you are dating is actually a nice guy?

Manipulative people would never directly attack you. Rather, they would play with your emotions. Their tendency will be to make you do things which will benefit them.

They will try to have you under their control in such a way that you will justify their dominance yourself.

But hold on. That’s not supposed to happen in a relationship. A relationship is based on reciprocation and mutual respect.

You get into a relationship because you love your partner; you don’t get committed to making a good career or for a better living.

These come eventually. So don’t be fooled by the manipulative ‘Nice-Guy.’ Remove the blindfold of biased love and try to identify these 5 signs.

These 5 signs will help you understand whether your partner is manipulative or not.

(1) He makes you feel guilty always:
A manipulator will always make you feel guilty even if it has not been your fault. They will never admit their mistake.

They will always play the role of victim and manipulate your thoughts in such a way that you will feel you are actually responsible for it.

Suppose the two of you had decided for a candlelight dinner; you get dressed-up for that and when you ask him, he’s already out for a movie with his friends.

Obviously, he ditched you but he will not accept that. Instead, he will say that it was you who had canceled the dinner because of work and since he had nothing to do, he decided to go out with his friends.

You might have said something to him like you have some project going on or have a deadline to attend and he would manipulate your words as your statement that you have work and you are busy.

If he said something bad in the past, he would deny that too. He will protect himself and let you drown in your ocean of guilt. You should stay away from such people.

(2) He plays games with you:
A good person will be always honest with his feelings. But you find your partner ignoring you after commitment.

He would not pick up your calls, he would not communicate with you and when you withdraw yourself, he will come around expressing his love for you.

A relationship is not supposed to be a game; it’s supposed to give you stability; it’s supposed to give you peace.

(3) He always brings up bitter memories and makes you feel guilty of something you have done in the past:
It’s okay to make mistakes in relationships. We all do. We all learn from them. A manipulative guy will always bring up some mistake you made in the past.

You might have said sorry a million zillion times but no matter what, he will bring it up and make you feel guilty. He does tell you he has forgiven you but in reality, he has not.

He plays with your guilt consciousness and makes the situation bitter. You will feel sorry for him and for hurting him. Think about it. Do you really deserve this?

(4) He doesn’t give you space:
How many times did you have to cancel your movie date with friends because your ‘Nice-Guy’ was feeling lonely and wanted you to be with him?

Have you been able to go on trips with your friends because he was not comfortable with it? How many times you had to explain why you couldn’t pick up his call or meet him?

Ask yourself. Don’t you feel suffocated? A manipulative guy will never give you your space and let you lead a life on your own.

He will always use the excuses of ‘caring’, ‘ protective’ and similar other things to show you how much he loves you and that whatever he is doing is for your own good. Don’t keep on tolerating this.

(5) He questions your feelings for him:

Manipulative people are scared of getting revealed. So, in order to know that you are still their puppet, they will keep on questioning your feelings for them.

In turn, they will show their love for you and make you feel that you will commit a crime if you ever try to break away from them.

Do not go on tolerating these nonsensical behaviors. If you find any of these signs in your partner, confront him directly and call off if needed. There are nice men in this world too. Don’t put up with this manipulative people.


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