5 First Date Mistakes Men Do That Ruin Their Chance of A Second Date

5 First Date Mistakes Men Do That Ruin Their Chance of A Second Date
5 First Date Mistakes Men Do That Ruin Their Chance of A Second Date

These have nothing to do with your styling or looks.

With a 69% chance of getting rejected by the ladies who we match on dating apps or meet online when asking women out for a date, getting a lady to go out on a date these days seems more difficult than working out in the gym.

5 First Date Mistakes Men Do That Ruin Their Chance of A Second Date
5 First Date Mistakes Men Do That Ruin Their Chance of A Second Date

We can all agree that getting a lady to go on a date doesn’t guarantee or mean a positive giant leap for both of you. The mindset that she’s been replying to your text since you matched or started talking to yourselves or the fact that she’s agreed to come out for a date gets us so excited that most times we forget to pay attention to the little things that matter. So when you’re out on a first date, does that mean you should feel too free that you’ll do whatever you like because you’re not trying to be fake? Absolutely not!

You see, the way you behave on a date tells a lady the things about you which she couldn’t have figured out while texting on the phone. And like they say, personality goes a long way when it comes to attraction.

In a world with so many men on social media, no woman would rather be with the one who doesn’t have a good personality. The woman on the date will not outrightly tell you the things which she hates because she doesn’t want to be judgmental, so, she’ll keep quiet when you’re being too comfortable, then ghost you at the end.

Since there are no guidelines on social media apps to tell you what not to do if you want to increase your chances of seeing her again, we’ve decided to help you with the things you shouldn’t do, so you won’t feel bad about wasting your time, effort and money.

Because the wrong habits will make the woman who laughed at your jokes, smiled at you when you looked at her or even give you a hug while leaving, ghost you if you do these things.

So here are the top 5 first date mistakes men do that ruin their chance of a second date:
1. Talking With Food In Your Mouth
Most times the first date is usually at an eatery or a restaurant. And as the date progresses, the food ordered gets served while you are both familiarizing yourselves with one another. Nobody waits for all the conversation to come to an end before eating the food.

According to women, regardless of the awkward silence or questions, they ask, “it’s enraging or disgusting when men open their mouths to break the silence or talk with food in their mouth”.

And this positions them as someone who lacks table etiquette. Most women have revealed that seeing men talk in front of them with food in their mouth kills their appetite or eating experience.

So, the best thing to do is wait till you finish the portion of food in your mouth before breaking the silence or giving an answer to her question during the first date.

2. Pretending To Like The Food
Most times during a date, a woman will suggest a food item for you to try because she was responsible for choosing the restaurant. One thing women have complained about is the fact that men tend to respond with “it’s nice” even when they’re carrying a bitter face.

Here’s what men don’t know doing that means; other than portraying him as a liar, it also positions him as a man who doesn’t know how to speak against what he doesn’t like — a yes man. And a yes man is that one man who women don’t want to be around.

So instead of lying about the food, tell her “this is something that my taste buds are not familiar with, I’m not sure I can continue but thank you so much for your recommendation.”

3. Too Much Compliments
Without a doubt, complimenting a woman who just arrived at the venue during a first date is a gentleman thing to do. And a genuine compliment will surely get her to like you a little bit more and also make her feel at ease.

But here’s what women have complained about when it comes to giving a compliment on the first date. They say too many compliments on the first date makes them feel uncomfortable and restless, especially when the compliments are about their appearance and body.

4. Asking Too Many Questions
A first date is considered an avenue to get to know yourselves better. Getting to know yourselves better means talking about interests and hobbies, it doesn’t mean digging up past or secrets.

The following questions make a woman uncomfortable and force her to find an excuse to run out of the date;

“Tell me all about yourself, where do you see this thing going, what are your sexual fantasies, do you want kids?”

Those are bedroom questions, they are not questions meant for a first date. So avoid them completely.

5. Using Your Phone
The final thing on this list which most men have in common is using their smartphone. This is something which a woman doesn’t find appealing or nice when she’s talking to you.

Continuously checking and texting during a date is bad practice because it makes the woman feel “not important”. Except it’s an emergency, it can surely wait. On the other hand not using your phone positions you as an attentive listener, and since women love to talk, they won’t want to hold themselves back from seeing you again.

Here’s a pro tip for you because you read till the end. If a woman tells you before hand that she has a place to go after the date, chances are, she’s not sure about what you are, so if you don’t meet up to her expectations, she’ll use that as an excuse to leave. Therefore be sure to dress right and also act confident.

We’re not saying don’t be yourself but, making these first date mistakes with a woman will make her see you as the guy who’s not matured and doesn’t understand women, thereby ruining your chance for a second date.


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