4 Reasons Every Mom Needs to Take a Vacation Without Her Kids at Least Once a Year

4 Reasons Every Mom Needs to Take a Vacation Without Her Kids at Least Once a Year
4 Reasons Every Mom Needs to Take a Vacation Without Her Kids at Least Once a Year

Exhilarating, but exhausting. That is as much as one can sum up what being a mom is like. No doubt your kids are a bundle of joy, but along with being a joy, they are also a bundle of endless energy, no matter what age they are.

4 Reasons Every Mom Needs to Take a Vacation Without Her Kids at Least Once a Year
4 Reasons Every Mom Needs to Take a Vacation Without Her Kids at Least Once a Year

It seems like you’re forever running after them on top of completing errands, taking care of hubby dearest and managing work. So it comes as no surprise when people tell you to take a vacation. Only, for you, a vacation means taking your kids along and then attending to their needs there.

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However, it’s highly recommended that you take a break sans kids. And it’s psychologists who are saying it, along with other moms. Here are some reasons why a “momcation” needs to be on your to-do list immediately:

1. It’ll keep you from burning out

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This might be a no-brainer. Being a mom is a full-time job. While you might consider your kid’s good behavior a reward for all the work you do, it doesn’t take away from the fact that it can get tiring. Sure, going out to the beach or taking a spa day might seem like a good enough break, but that’s actually just the eye of the storm that’s about to descend. There’s still a ton of work you’re doing during the day. Taking a vacation without your kids can prevent a burnout which in turn can prevent chronic stress, depression, anxiety, and more.

2. You’ll remember who you are
“I think time away is very important to remember who you were before becoming a mom,” said New-York-based mom, Rachel Williams Shaw to People. “I was a very adventurous, independent person before having my kids and I feel I need that kind of time to remind me that I’m still me, just with three babies.”

When was the last time you did something for yourself? Like buy a new dress, read a good book, relax in a nice warm bath, focus on your goals? Now is the time. Being alone with your thoughts can finally help you rediscover the person you were before motherhood took over. Being a mom isn’t bad at all, but sometimes you need to remember that you too deserve to be happy.

3. Your family will learn how to be independent

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When left to their own devices, your kids will learn to bond with each other as well as their father and your partner will learn the importance of what you do. Additionally, it will solidify trust between you and your family as you leave the daily work in their hands. It will be the most beneficial for your children as they will begin to become independent so that even when you come back, your usual chores might just be cut down a bit.

4. You’ll come home refreshed
Psychologist Dr. Nava R. Silton told People, “Momcations can be valuable since they encourage mothers to pursue self-care and to nurture their physical, psychological and socio-emotional health.” If you need a more motherly perspective, Beth Barbara of Celebration, Florida can tell you since she takes two “momcations” a year.

“We feel that we do so much for our kids, and while I’m divorced [and the other friends] are married, that this is our time,” she told Good Morning America. “We love this weekend and being honest we get sad when it’s over. But we know we have the following year!”

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Of course, there is a flip side to this. Being with your kids means being there for all the magical moments and milestones and that’s not something you want to miss. Mom of two Chasity Walter told GMA, “I hate the thought of exploring something new without sharing it with them. I want them to have as many experiences as possible. Along the same lines, everything in my life is better with them.”

However, having heard both sides, it’s still recommended that you take that much-needed vacation without your kids so that you can de-stress and finally enjoy being yourself without all the added responsibilities.


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