10 Simple and Easy-On-Your-Wallet Alternative Christmas Tree Decorations to Make This Christmas Special

10 Simple and Easy-On-Your-Wallet Alternative Christmas Tree Decorations to Make This Christmas Special
10 Simple and Easy-On-Your-Wallet Alternative Christmas Tree Decorations to Make This Christmas Special

Christmas is almost here and we can’t wait! After all, it’s the time to get together with family and friends, spread the joy and enjoy some great food. But as much as this love and laughter is the essence of the festival, Christmas just isn’t complete without one special decoration — the tree!

Traditionally, an evergreen fir tree has adorned our houses during the celebrations, according to Why Christmas. However, getting one can be a bit of a burden on your pocket, as well as major trouble to clean up after. That’s when you’re probably hit with the dilemma: how do you keep from buying the tree but at the same time keep it as a prominent figure in the decorations?

Well, that’s where looking at some simple and easy-on-the-pocket do-it-yourself trees can come in handy. Not only will it stay within tradition but it will also make your home even more special. So here are some great DIY Christmas trees that can spice up the holiday for you:

1. A Christmas card tree

With just a ton of cheap but pretty Christmas cards, turning it into the shape of a tree wouldn’t be that hard. Additionally, it’ll add a bit of color to your wall and take up less space in your house. And the presents won’t be covered in spiky tree firs when the kids come down to unwrap them.

Things required: Christmas card (amount of your choosing based on how big you want the tree), double-sided tape, a printout of a holiday symbol of your choosing to place as the star

Amount spent: Less than $20

2. Chalkboard Christmas tree

Using a chalkboard cut out in the shape of tree is an opportunity to get as creative as you want. With some chalk and imagination, you can change the trimmings as much as you’d like and even get your kids or grandkids to decorate it how they want. If you don’t have a chalkboard, simply use chalkboard paint to create a triangle shape on a piece of plywood and use the chalk to decorate your tree.

Things required: Chalkboard paint, different colored chalk pieces, and a great sense of imagination

Amount spent: Less than $20

3. Firefly lights Christmas tree

While firefly lights are pretty and dreamy on their own, making them into a unique Christmas tree can add a special and magical moment in your home. Strung from the ceiling, the lights can make it a magical place to keep the presents.

Things required: Firefly lights (30 meters or 50 meters), a hook in the ceiling, and a few wooden planks to hold it in place

Amount spent: $20-$30

4. Balloon Christmas tree

Who said the Christmas tree had to be spiny with branches sticking out? Why not try making one with balloons and giving a new twist on the traditional holiday decoration. With balloons, it can add a shiny feel to the house. You’ll certainly be the talk of the town with a balloon Christmas tree. The only precaution you need to take — no sharp objects near the tree.

Things required: Balloons of colors you prefer, string, a lot of patience

Amount spent: $10-$20

5. Lampshade Christmas tree

Don’t want to go out to buy balloons or chalkboard paint? You don’t have to. Just take a quick look at your storage space and grab some of those old lampshades or borrow them from your neighbors and friends. And then proceed to make a tree out of it!

Things required: a few old lampshades, a stand, some tinsel decorations

Amount spent: $10-$15 (more for the decorations)

6. Book stack Christmas tree

Have no idea what you want to do with all those books lying around the house? Use it as a tree. Just stack the books together in a pyramid format and place a star or holiday decoration of your choice on top. And if you want to throw in some lights as well, go for it. It’s one way to give a nice, rustic look to your spin-off Christmas tree.

Things required: Books

Amount spent: $0-$5

7. Ladder Christmas tree

Even a ladder can come in handy for you this Christmas. With a little bit of imagination and excitement, turning even the oldest of ladders into a tree can give your holiday and home a special look.

Things required: Ladder, some beautiful Christmas baubles, lights

Amount spent: $5-$15

8. Minimalist Christmas tree

Using just a couple of old wooden planks of increasing length, there is so much you can do with the Christmas tree. Not only will it give you the feel of there being an actual tree but it will keep the place from getting messy and won’t take up too much space. Plus, your kids and family will love it because there’ll be more room for presents and more room to spread out and rip the wrapping paper off.

Things required: 4-7 wooden planks or sticks based on your preference, lights, baubles, double-sided tape

Amount spent: Less than $20

9. Bottle Christmas tree

If you’re into recycling, this might just be the best Christmas tree for you. Cutting old plastic bottles in half and placing holiday-colored cloths, lights or shiny baubles before attaching it to the wall will certainly not go unnoticed.

Things required: old plastic bottle, lights, baubles, double-sided tape, cloth

Amount spent: Less than $20

10. Egg carton Christmas tree

All those eggs you buy, don’t throw out the cartons because they can come in handy this Christmas. Making it into a tree can give your home a nice flair and give those visiting your home something to talk about.

Things required: Old egg cartons, green paint, Christmas decorations

Amount spent: $20-$30

So, if you’re looking for a way to complete your home this Christmas without putting a strain on your pocket and the cleaning, try out these ideas. They’ll certainly make this festival interesting and maybe even encourage your kids to take part in this.




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