10 Behaviors Toxic People Do Before Revealing Themselves

10 Behaviors Toxic People Do Before Revealing Themselves
10 Behaviors Toxic People Do Before Revealing Themselves

Don’t you wish you can press a button that erases your history with a toxic individual? If that was possible, you could save yourself from experiencing the negativity and establishing any further relations with them. Fortunately, the following behaviors can help you detect signs of toxicity in people, before they grow comfortable enough to reveal their genuine nature.

They are selfish
Usually, a supportive individual compliments and encourages a friend to pursue something greater than themselves. However, a toxic person will act and feel bitter if you succeed at something that they haven’t acquired. They may want to dismiss the subject, choose not to comment, or need some space, especially if what you have achieved is of similar desire.

10 Behaviors Toxic People Do Before Revealing Themselves
10 Behaviors Toxic People Do Before Revealing Themselves

Lack of empathy
They aren’t able to understand your pain, even if they have found themselves in a similar situation at one stage in their lives. If anything, they will compare how their situation was far more complicated and difficult than yours.

They criticize everything
It’s rare to hear a compliment from them, or any words of encouragement. When you least expect it, they strike you with criticism that makes you feel embarrassed and unable to perform the expected.

They discredit you
A toxic person has very little faith in you and has a habit of belittling your achievements. They doubt your ideas, opinions, and actions. Lies may be spread about you, concerning your inability to handle specific tasks.

They are untrustworthy
This isn’t surprising news, considering the factors that contribute to a toxic individual. They disclose personal information or secrets shared with them.

They are freeloaders
Toxic people take advantage of generosity and grow to become disrespectful to the people who initially offered a nice gesture. Whether they never split the bill or refuse to pay rent for an offered space in your home, their acts do reveal their level of toxicity.

They are unhappy
You have never witnessed them smiling, or truly enjoying each moment of their lives. Regardless of the social event, they always find something to complain about. They are dissatisfied with themselves and their lives, and their discontent shows through their misery.

They are pessimistic
The evil in the world will always outweigh the good and beauty found within life. Their discouragement to discover happiness weighs so heavily, that you can sometimes experience their sadness the more you spend time with them.

They are inconsistent
Some days, they enjoy speaking with you, while on others, they act as if they never want to encounter you again.

They are resentful
Because of their ruthless nature, they will never believe they are at fault. They will make sure to launch their mean-natured wrath onto you.

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